Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1. (DO NOT TRY YET.

Before starting I want to share some important information
First: this is in beta mode. Do not do this until there is a stable version of this tool. There is a chance something could go wrong, causing you to restore to 10.2, which doesn't support this tool. Another reason why you should wait is that you will only be able to install some tweeks for now. This is because substrate has been disabled. Substrate allows Tweeks to work, and the developer disabled it so people don't mess up there device
This is a semi-tethered jailbreak. Meaning that if you restart your device, you will have to rejailbreakyour phone via the app on your phone
This only works for 64 bit devices. If you have anything below an iPhone 5S, this won't work
Currently the following devices are supported, more will be added in the stable version. Iphone 6s, 6splus, 7, 7plus, and iPad 2.
As I said, this tool is in beta mode and I recommend waiting until a stable version is out. I believe that this method wil be the same for the stable version
1. I am doing this on a windows computer using jaws. This can also be done on a mack
Go to https://yalu.qwertyoruiop.com/ and download the IPA.
2: go to cydiaimpactor.com and download the latest version
3: plug in your device and unzip and run Impactor
4: press insert plus t on the impactor window, and press the insert plus num minus.
5: go to downloads folder and locate the IPA and press ctrl plus insert plus numb slash. alt tab back to the Cydia impactor window, and press control insert plus numb slash.
6. Impactor should display a screen that requires you to put in your apple ID. Don't worry this is used to sign the IPA.
7. Wait about 2-3 minutes, and the app should be on your phone
8: go to settings, general, and device management. Trust the profile with your name on it.
9. Open it, the app should crash and Cydia should be on your screen. If cydia isn't showing up for you, reboot your device and re launch the app. Keep on rebooting and re launching until Cydia shows up on your homescreen.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask
Remember, this is a beta and only select tweeks will work, and you may lose your data causing you to go to iOS 10.2 which does not have a jailbreak, so I suggest waiting until a stable one comes out. I will update you guys when that happens. I believe the steps for the final version will be the same.

Thanks for reading.

Update: The developer said that he would be releasing a stable version with support for more devices and fixing bugs sometime between Christmas and the end of 2016. He said that it will not be fully stable, but hopefully be usable by the average user.



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Thanks for the update.

I'm still on 9.3.3 right now but it is nice to know that someone has tried this new jailbreak and it worked. One note for anyone who installs this Beta jailbreak. It will install an ssh server on the device. If you install this jailbreak you need to make sure to change the ssh password if you will be using your device jailbroken on public wifi. The default password is probably "alpine".

Re: Thanks for the update

If you are on 9.3.3 you should save your blobs. There is a tool called Prometheus that may be able to upgrade you to 10.1.1 coming out on NYE. The developer of the current jailbreak said he will have a somewhat stable version out between Christmas and the end of 2016