Throwing your facebook app out the window: an easy way to surf statuses

With the facebook app being clunky at best and unreliable at worst, I thought it best to start at square one and design an easy way to navigate the news I was interested in. That is, not the pictures posted by my friends and acquaintances, not the apps they like or the games they play, or even the links they share. I wanted the good stuff--just the facts mam.
And so, I I found out how to get them, and am passing the info on to you. It's so simple you're liable to kick yourself for not having discovered it yourself--unless, of course, you did, in which case, shame on you for not passing on what you know!
All you will need is your favorite browser. I'm using Atomic Web.
Here are the steps.
1. First, go into your Voiceover rotor settings and make sure that static text is selected as a rotor setting.

2. To see everything your friends are doing in a relatively accessible way, go to Facebook's mobile site at and surf around. You'll soon see the need for surfing statuses in particular, and also for the need of the static text rotor setting. If you like to see the links people share though, save this in your favorites and call it facebook news feeds. Safari has an edge here, as Facebook keeps feeding itmore and more data--until, that is, it clunks out and takes you to the top of the page.Go slowly if you decide to use Safari with the general news feedd!
3. Now, type the following link into your address bar and save it as facebook statusses.

and that's all there is too it. No more clutter, no more hastle. Just swipe down once for the status and again for the time it was posted. If it catches your attention, swipe up to hear it again, then left to hear who posted it. Sometimes you'll need to swipe down an extra time or two because someone posted there location, but's that's all right--nothing to it!



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Wonderful Tip

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hello Ken, What a fantastic tip! Throw out the Voicebook VO and Status Report! Thanks so much for pointing this out to us and sharing it with us! Greatly appreciate it. There is one more thing I can suggest with you. To have this in a quick and easy way to access is to the following step:Do what Ken has mentioned in Step 1, 2, and 3. Now for Step 4. 4) In Safari towards the bottom of the screen there is the Utilities button. Double tap on this.5) Find the Add To Home Screen option. Double tap on this. Now you will have this great way to access to your Status from your Home screen for an easy access without having to open the Safari and finding your bookmark and such. Enjoy! 

Static text

Thank you for this tip. What is static text?

I'd rathe ruse voicebook.

I'd rathe ruse voicebook. It's faster then memorising and book marking all of the other stuff. Hey there's mnore then one way to skin a cat and get him/her to like it.

Hopefully someone finds the tip useful.

One disadvantage I see is facebook might or might not change the link to the news and status pages in the future.

Take care.

pro tip.

Great tip. I'd actually never thought of doing this before now. This is a really cool idea, especially convenient with putting the url on the homescreen. No more using the facebook app for status checking. I'll keep it around for chatting, but looks like I can avoid using it even more now. Thanks Ken.