Activator: The Must Have Jailbreak Tweak

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In this podcast, Musicruz gives us an in-depth discussion and demonstration of Activator, a jailbreak tweak which allows for gesture-based controls of almost anything.

If your iDevice is jailbroken, it's likely that you already have Activator installed, even if you don’t realize it. Many other jailbreak tweaks rely on Activator to work, so they install it automatically as a dependency. However, Activator does a lot more than just work with other tweaks, and you can use it to make your life a lot easier. Things you would normally have to do manually on your iDevice can be done with simple gestures using Activator.

Activator is available from Cydia on a jailbroken device.

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Additional explanation

In the part where I was trying to kill the apps in the app switcher, it fails to kill the Apps. I know I should have explained what happened as well, but due to the length of the podcast. I was kinda tired towards the end, so here is the explanation on that one.

It fails to kill the apps on app switcher because I was currently inside the setting, which is also consider an app, so basically with the KillBackground tweak, it will not terminate any apps on app switcher if you are inside of any apps.

I apologize for not explaining this in detail on the podcast.

Despite of everything, You guys still find this podcast informative. Thanks for the kind words from all of you. I truly appreciate that.



Activator Issues??


I have two I Phones. The first is an I Phone 4s and the second is an I Phone 5s. The 5s is my primary device. The 4s is no longer on my carrier network and I basically use it as a glorified I-Pod now, since it only runs on wi-fi. I am running IOS 7.0.4 on both devices. I am using my 4s as an experimental device for jailbreak apps and tweeks so to speak. I have jailbroken my 4s once again and installed activator. When I set an activator gesture, three finger pinch to simulate a single press of the home button, this action doesn't work with voiceOver. When the 4s was my primary device and I was running IOS 6.1.2 and jailbroken back then, I used activator without issues, but now it seems like some of the activator actions do not work with VO. The one I previously mentioned does work if I turn off VO and use the three finger pinch motion when I have an application open. Can anyone tell me if this activator action works on the 5s? I am afraid to jailbreak my 5s because I fear that these activator actions will not work on that device either. The example I gave is just one that doesn't work on my 4s; another one is using a two finger swipe in from the left side of the device screen to bring up the app switcher. However, when I turn off VO, it works just fine. Can anyone confirm that these two actions do or do not work on the I Phone 5s using VO? Thank you. -Andrew-