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NEW: Upload and Download from DROPBOX. Record and edit business meetings, lectures, and conferences right on the phone. Awesome for students and business people. Captures sound at a distance. Take notes while recording in the background. HT Professional Recorder makes it possible to record conversations throughout a large room, even in situations where the people talking are located several feet away from the phone. Reinforces soft voices - even whispers - Ideal for college lectures, board meetings, and conferences, as well as dictation. Automatically skips silence during recording. E-mail recordings as attachments, up to 1 hour long (30 minutes on older iPhones). Bookmarking feature makes it easy to remember and replay important moments. Overwrite capability makes it easy to correct dictation. This is the recorder to get if you care how things sound when recorded at a distance. Signal processing algorithms capture conversations throughout a room, recording both near and distant voices clearly. Transfer recordings up to 30 minutes in length via E-mail, and recordings up to 15 hours in length via WiFi using your computer's web browser or via an FTP server. Note: Use on iPod Touch 2nd Generation requires external earbud microphone accessory. iPhone will not record during cellular phone calls. HT Recorder is an voice recorder - it does not perform automatic transcription of dictation to text. - Exceptional sound quality for conversations >4 feet from the phone - E-mail recordings up to 30 minutes in length as .WAV attachments. - Overwrite capability permits correction of dictation. - Append to any recording to keep 'TODO' lists in one place - WiFi file transfer to any computer via simple web browser interface, or via FTP. - 3 levels of microphone gain sensitivity - Repeat mode - Audio bookmarking lets you skip to important segments in an instant. - Speed-up, slow-down, and jump to next/previous bookmark for quick review of notes. - Auto Record option starts recording when program launches. - One-touch positioning to any point in the file ** Also try our new app: HT Video Recorder **

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iPod Touch

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The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, but could be somewhat easier to navigate.

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, but the interface could be easier to navigate and use.

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A “feature-rich” recording app has now been made very user-friendly with VoiceOver. The name of the app is “HT Professional Recorder”. There are separate versions for the Ipad and for the Iphone or Ipod. If you purchase either one of the apps, it will be $6.99; if you pur- chase a second version of the application, it will be $3.99. The seller is “Applied Voices, LLC”, and the developer is Andrew Berlin. Once you have used this app, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Some of the out- standing features of the app – but by no means all of them – are:  The ability to name files and folders.  The ability to move files between folders.  List all files without folder names in one list.  Compress files individually or compress a folder all at one time. (I have found there is no degradation of sound quality by compressing files.)  3 levels of mic gain are available to suit your recording needs. Whether you are dictating a note to yourself in a crowded, noisy room or recording in a large classroom, there is a setting to meet your needs.  Cut, copy, trim, & paste editing tools are amongst some of the most valuable and unusual features in this app. It is so nice to be able to record over part of a record- ing you don’t want. The ability to append to the end of a recording - like the most important sack of candy you left off your grocery list – becomes pretty valuable.  There is also a feature that allows you to bookmark your recordings so you can find special points of interest that you may want to reference in the future.  Speed up and slow down the playback speed of your recordings.  Skip ahead or go back 5 seconds at a time, while playing a recording.  Music recording at a sample rate of 44,100 kHz. The easiest way to read the manual is to either open it up in “Voice Dream Reader” or “IBooks”. The developer of the app, who, by the way, prefers to go by “Andy”, has been most patient and helpful to get the app compatible with VoiceOver. I’m sure as other VoiceOver users use HT Professional Recorder, they will find other suggestions. Andy will do his best to accommodate your ideas in future updates. To contact him, you may e-mail him from your app at: To e-mail him from the app, go to “More Choices” on the menu, and then choose “Report a problem”. I found this app to be one of the most useful in my arsenal of tools that I use on my IOS devices. It’s right up there with Voice Dream , Kindle, NLS, and Seeing Eye GPS . I hope you will find HT Professional Recorder as valuable and helpful on a daily basis as I have. Thanks to Andrew Berlin for all his hard work in making HT Professional Recorder user-friendly for VoiceOver users. This is my first posting to AppleVis. Please excuse any errors.

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