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aboutfoursquare.com: "An automatic check-in app for iOS that actually works"  again forget to check in to your favorite venues. Uber Checkin allows you to save your preferred Foursquare and Facebook places so that the next time you drop by you will be checked in automatically!  IMPORTANT: The iPhone 3GS is NOT SUPPORTED as this app requires location monitoring which is only available on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.  PLEASE NOTE: You must keep WiFi enabled at all times, even if not connected to a network. This is necessary for Uber Checkin to work.   Nice. ★★★★★by Robert0001 - Version 1.2 - Sep 13, 2012It really works! Absolutely perfect. Way more accurate than I expected! Foursquare addict loves this! ★★★★★by Dear29 - Version 1.3 - Jan 2, 2013I have a 170+ day in a row streak at my work and I&;m trying to hit 500 days in a row there to get my name on the wall haha. Sometimes however I totally forget to check in even when I&;ve been there for hours!! So I downloaded this app so I never forget to check in and i can keep my streak going strong. It buzzes me with a notification that it checked me in after I&;ve been there for a few minutes. I bought the paid version since the free one only lets you automatically check in at three places, and I wanted to play around with more! Works perfectly. With all the free stuff and discounts foursquare has given me, the app was practically nothing. Totally worth every penny! Good app. Five star service. ★★★★★by Simo469 - Version 1.3 - Dec 7, 2012App does exactly what it says on the tin. We&;re amazingly super helpful when I had clumsy issues(not caused by the Uber Checkin guys) with my own foursquare account. Earned themselves 5* just for the level of support they were willing to provide. Great for Forgetful People ★★★★★by MelbAussie - Version 1.3 - Nov 4, 2012I only found this app by chance, but am really happy I did. I used to forget to check into foursquare all the time and I lost mayorships. Now I don&;t even have to think about it anymore. Checkin is automatic now! Devs were really helpful too when I emailed them. Awesome ★★★★★by djkawa - Version 1.1 - Aug 20, 2012 This is the mayor maker!  Save up to 3 auto checkin locations for free; upgrade to remove this limit and save as many places as your iPhone can handle.  Features:  

  • Uber Checkin uses the latest iOS functionality to save your battery life 
  • Checkin to Foursquare venues and continue to earn points, badges and mayorships without the hassle of having to take out your phone and checkin to the same places every day 
  • Checkin using Facebook Places and share your location on your wall 
  • Get notified of every Uber Checkin (can be customized) 
  • Get notified when an Uber Checkin makes you a Mayor! 
  • Also get notified when you are close to becoming a Mayor of an Uber Checkin place. 
  • Select Foursquare and Facebook places to monitor based on your current location or from your checkin history 
  • Avoid false positive checkins! Customize your auto checkin proximity distance to suit your own taste. 
  • All your Uber Checkins are saved and can be reviewed at any time 
  • Get notified if an Uber Checkin fails, giving you the opportunity to checkin manually (e.g. if internet connection is spotty) 
  • Customize your own time interval between checkins to avoid repeated checkins 
  • Optionally share your Foursquare Uber Checkins on Twitter and Facebook 
  • Upgrade removes all ads 

This is the newest and most up to date auto checkin app using the latest iOS features, ensuring constant location monitoring without draining your battery!  Just set up once and let it run!  Compatible with iOS 5.1+Foursquare or Facebook account required No other registration required

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Not Known



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AppleVis Editor Note: the Usability Rating for this app has been amended to more accurately reflect the comments posted below:Original Comments: None of the buttons on the main screen are nicely labeled, but the labels they do have are intelligible. You can clean them up with Voiceover&;s labeling feature. There are icons and buttons for each option, and they both do the same thing. When you are selecting places to auto checkin, you just hear "button" after each selection. Double-tap that to add it to your checkins, after wich the button is not spoken. To remove an item from your list of auto checkins, double-tap, hold, and swipe. You&;ll get a confirm button.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Few buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments: 

The app is a free download but requires a $1.99 in-app purchase to remove the adds and customize the message that is automattically added to your checkins, which by default advertises the app.