The Circus Master is here.

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Finally! It is here. I hope everyone enjoys it. If you post on this forum please, be respectful to one another. On this forum, your post should only be about CMR. If you have questions about how to pass a certain stage or acquire a certain weapon. Feel free to ask so the community can assist you with your struggles. If you are not respectful to one another, the moderators will shut the site down like they did on the last forum. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


Yes and thank u

I am so happy that someone made a game like audio defense, I’m about to go play it now. Thank you so much


So true now if we could just get the game Solara back everything will be back to normal LOL

A gyroscop suggestion

Hi. Nice game. Keep up the good work. There is possible to add swiping when you focus direction? To be onest, I find hard playing it moving the phone.


App Developer

Eventually we want to make CMR accessible to everyone. Right now we are focused only on the visually impaired. Once we have completed the project we hope to include a mobility impaired feature. A color blind feature and a hearing impaired feature. Hope you enjoy it how it is for now.

It's not my kind of game but that does not mean it's bad.

I beta tested the game and gave up on level 8 and did the same when downloading the game today.

The fact you have to buy everything using tokens and coins, i think, makes this game not for me.

Also, others on have said the hit detection might be slightly off but I'm not sure about that, I could just be bad.

Keep making great updates and great games.

Hit detection

It's a bit strict on accuracy I will admit, but you should really try the AK-47. You can really use some spray and pray tactics with that gun.

I removed the game.

Having said that, I wonder, do you get these weapons in later levels or do you have to buy tokens/tickets to unlock them?

Better than I remembered

Oh I am so happy to see this game on the App Store. I tested it, and it’s even better than I remember. Just one question, I heard there was an endless mode? I could very well have been misinformed about that, or maybe I’m just not seeing it?


there is an endless mode of sorts for now, its to get tokens and tickets

Tokens and tickets

Is there a way that you can see how much tokens and tickets you have, I looked but I cannot seem to find it


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It is called Quack Shot. It is in the settings menu. You have to unlock it by playing the game. Once it is unlocked, you will be informed of it. I hope that helps


So I have to beat both chapters in order to see how much tokens tickets I have?

I love it!

It is an awesome game. I love it. Thanks Jo for making it.

no no john

Joe's answer was to a different question, not to your question about the tokens and tickets. To see how many tokens and tickets you have, go to the shop

you need a specificweapon

I won't spoil it here, but if you want to unlock quackshot, look at other yck hunting games, and the weapon they use, and you will get the answer

Downloaded the game

Downloaded the game and I'm going to try it now. It's been worth the wait. Thank you Joe for everything you have put into this game.

Thanks my friend, it's a

Thanks my friend, it's a beautiful game, the most beautiful I've ever seen on the AppStore! The sound is great and the circus master is really scared! What an anger you play with AirPods, they downloaded and I had to interrupt the office! I really want to crush them under your feet!

The only things I think you

The only things I think you should still do are these: insert the possibility of turning with a finger as an alternative to the gyroscope, and being able to interrupt the speech when you want so as to pass immediately to the game. But it's really great, I knew it would be worth the wait. Thank you so much, brother continues, you are very strong!

some help on mooving

I don't remember if I read it hear or in the app entry, but if you are having trouble turning around, hold the phone upright. That is, with the speakers, and the charging port on the phone have to be pointing downwards, towards the floor. Hth

I've been holding my breath for this moment

While I was not an active individual of the discussion forum before the game was released, I was looking in on it and saw lots of effort being put into it. Great work, once I get a decent pair of ear buds I'll checkx out, it's downloaded on my iPhone right now.

Great game but blatant profiteering

It really is a great game. But yes, I agree with the last poster. The tokens and coins. I believe it is very pricey. And it’s not necessary. Could I make a suggestion? Could you maybe add a system so we earn tokens, as we progress through the lrvels? Then once we have and so many tokens, we can either unlock more features or with friends. I understand you have to make a profit, I would have the initial game at maybe six dollars or something like that, then have the other in app purchases free. If that makes sense.

I'm going to try a crazy challenge.

I'm going to try playing the game without headphones or earbuds. Since we already have the beacon, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Well, off I go.

there is already

theres already a system to earn tokens and tickets for free... you have to unlock it though

Oh. Sorry Jo

Oh. I’m sorry. How do you unlock it?

ah ok.

Thanks for the info.

I can't seam to delete my comment.

So will have to leave this post here.

Like I said before, the game isn't my kind of thing but that doesn't mean it's bad, just not for me.

can I have some suggestions ?

hi! the game is really good.
and I can't stop playing it!

but, I have some suggestion! and hope it can be fixed in the up coming update.
1. the loading is a bit slow. and the swiping and the speech is a bit delay.
2. hope we can adjust the speed of the speech in the setting

thanks and keep up the great work.

Just wondering

How many ducks do you have to shoot in order to actually win something?

Do you want me to?

App Developer

If you want me to spoonfeed you how to beat the game easy. I can do that for you. Where is the fun in that? You all wanted a game that was challenging. I gave it to you. Try to figure it out on your own. If you get stuck. This form will be a way for you to help each other get past it. If none of you can figure it out. Post a hey Joe subject and I will respond. Can that be our deal Deal?

Hello country.

App Developer

Hello country. Here is how our decision worked. The game is free. Apple gave us a suggestion that we should have a Purchased app or an inapp purchase. They didn’t recommend us to have both in the same app because, it could scare away potential customers. We agreed. I have given you opportunities to make free things but, it is going to cost you money to get free things. Especially, if you are iMpatient. If you are smart, which I know all of you are. You’ll figure it out. If you cannot. Don’t feel bad. I made it difficult on purpose. You should Use this form to ask others how to do things. There is a bunch of free things I give to you if, you complete obstacles in a certain way. This would be a very good way for our community to show we care about one another. Even if it’s just a video game that we are having trouble with. The Circus Master once all of you to fail. He is laughing at you. Good luck and happy hunting.


App Developer

Thank you for sticking in there with us through all of this. You have been very positive and we are grateful. If you are having lag issues, that could be your connection. I have the same version on my phone as you. I am not understanding what your issue is. I think it could only be your Wi-Fi or data connection. Hope that helps you buddy


App Developer

If you need support. You should go to the website. For now, here is what has been the response from my team to fix your problem.

Yes, buddy.

Probably the customer is using an outdated iOS device and iOS version.

He should be advised to upgrade his device and iOS version or he needs to clear his device memory.
I hope that helps you Ming

Hello Kenny

App Developer

I appreciate the information mr. Kenny . I haven’t gone to in a very long time. Maybe over a year now. When I posted on that site the forum in January of last year about creating a kick starter for CMR. Everyone on the forum pretty much laughed at me. I will not post what they have said but, they were right. Not having support from a community I am a part of sucks sometimes. Never mind. Not having support from my community sucks all the time. It hurts but, we are still growing and learning. We are still fighting for one another. We are not giving up because, we are not going anywhere. forms seem to be more about cpu games and not iOS or other platforms. They will let developers post but, they aren’t trying to help. The foundation was started for a reason. I am trying to do my part to keep that promise. I believe in us. And I know that my community believes in mental vision. I will check The link you sent, out of respect to you. Other than that I will not post updates for this game there. Sorry if that hurts anyone’s feelings. I just thought this version would be better supported from a foundation who promoted audio games. I am not angry. I am just slightly disappointed. No worries. My AppleThis support is the best I could ever wish for. We are handy capables! We are Family. is suppose to is suppose to cater to everyone, having said that, they do tend to speak before trying out anything that may even be a little different.

Applevis on the other hand, isn't all about games, sure games are a fun way of wasting time, but at the end of the day, peoples opinions shouldn't matter all that much.

For what it's worth, I did enjoy playing this, finally managed to finish both chapters with out needing any tokens.

Oh and before I forget, I'm not sure if it's normal to keep some of the later acquired weapons if you decide to restart, for example, I had a long handled axe when I was suppose to have a baseball bat at the time.

Unlocking the shotgun also doesn't make sense, because you still have to go and buy it from the shop, unless you can't access it within the shop during chapter one?

I'll keep it around for now, hopefully there is a mode that will make me want to pick it back up, because the way it ended... well I don't really want to spoil it for people, unless someone already has, if they have, naughty, naughty.

When you unlock the shotgun

It will merely be available for purchase. Also, the game is far from over. We will get 3 more chapters later on. When you have purchased weapons, you can also use them when you restart the game. While it doesn't always make sense, in some way it also does. After all, we did purchase them with our hard earned tokens and money.

My response

App Developer

To cool Turk. I am glad you liked it. You have to understand that this is only two chapters out of five. We are not finished. It will only get better. I promise.
To Kenny. The ninja sword cost money because it is a special weapon. Just like the shot guN. I know you were having doubts but, I won’t let you down. I am not blindfold games. I am one of you. Why would I let myself down? Makes sense yet? We got this my friend. Believe in me because I believe in you it


I haven't tried the ninja sword yet. Maybe I should.

I have a question regarding weapon upgrades.

What exactly is it about the upgrades that makes it special? Does the weapon pack a heavier punch? Perhaps it can shoot a longer range or perhaps both? It seems to me that I can kill enemies with one single blow when it comes to malay and shooting weapons. I just dived right in and upgraded myself to the max, so I don't really have much experience when it comes to non upgraded weapons.