The Circus Master is here.

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Finally! It is here. I hope everyone enjoys it. If you post on this forum please, be respectful to one another. On this forum, your post should only be about CMR. If you have questions about how to pass a certain stage or acquire a certain weapon. Feel free to ask so the community can assist you with your struggles. If you are not respectful to one another, the moderators will shut the site down like they did on the last forum. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


@ke7zum... Just wow. I wouldn't be that harsh if I were you. but hey what the heck do I know? Sure the game has some issues that can be cleared up. sure the used a login method that not everyont agrees with. but you would give a 1-star rating just because of the login thing? Good god above. What are you expecting here, a perfect game from a 1.0 release? if so, news flash. You ain't gonna get it.

I am sorry for my post

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I got ahead of myself. I posted the podcast because it was fun and relevant. The interview I mean. I will never do that again. This form should only be used for game help and developer updates. My apologies. I want this forum to be fun and so does Apple. If we cannot make this about discussions helping each other with difficulties in gameplay then, I believe it will be removed again. I hope that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I think that’s just the way it has to be. If you have complaints. Please send me an email. That is how it’s supposed to be I guess. Thanks all.


What’s your email so I can email you my feedback


How do I get past round 5 in chapter 2 everything I’m trying is not working and another thing thus paying for tickets and tokens thing I’m not able to do these amounts are just to much money for me please consider making awaywhere you can earn tickets and tokens


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My email is
There is a way to earn tokens and tickets. It is called Quack Shot. After you kill so many ducks in a row, you will either earn tokens or tickets. Warning. It is a pain in the butt but possible. I think my record is 27 in a row without missing. You will have to hash it out in order to earn more and more free stuff. Good luck.


I need some help on chapter 2 stage 3round five.
I am going with the evil guy on the road I have passed the hounds but it’s the second part I need help on.
Just Seppi told me to go on here for some help since he won’t tell me himself.
I kind of find it ridiculous how this game is .
The tokens and tickets things the prices this way too much for me I’m not able to get any weapons because I don’t have any tickets or tokens so I’m playing just with my shotgun and the bat but again I am needing some help on that level I was able to kill some clowns but the other noises I’m not sure what they are and another thing how am I suppose to be playing this game. Am I supposed to be standing sitting moving my body back-and-forth?

Funny or serious?

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Just got an email from a gamer. Mr. Joe. How come your game is not accessible for the sighted community? I didn’t know if this person was serious or not. I knew it was only a matter of time. I tried not to laugh but I couldn’t resist.

yeah sure

As if sighted gamers don't have thousands of better games to enjoy. Dream on.

great game

inspite of some bugs that this game has, it's great! I wish there was mode where you could kill clouns but not like chapters and stages, like endless mode that was in audio defense. Thank you!

I don’t know how to say this.

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I don’t know how to tell everyone how good things are going with CMR. I don’t want to seem like I am bragging or something. Good news. We did it. Not me. We. It’s awesome. Thank you all very much for believing in what has become our dream. We can only go upg I don’t know how to tell everyone how good things are going with CMR. I don’t want to seem like I am bragging or something. Good news. We did it. Not me. We. It’s awesome. Thank you all very much for believing and what has become our dream. We can only get better from here. Who knew great things were going to happen. I know. I know you believed. Again, we did it! Wow. Worldwide. I know my message repeated itself. I am too excited to correct it. Sorry.

Everyone will believe

App Developer

I cannot wrap my head around this. Holy crap. 12 days on the App Store. 67 countries have downloaded CMR. All the developers who have told me there is no market for this for us. Sit on that for a minute. We prove them wrong. I had no idea. I thought maybe seven countries. Even, 10 countries after a year. 67 countries? Wow! Again, I’m not bragging. We did this. We not me. We prove them all wrong. I hope you smile today because of this. When a developer tells anyone there is no market for the visually impaired. Look at what we did. Here is proof. I think we are going to wake them up to the truth.

Pardon me saying, but.

12 days on the appstore with appaerently people from 67 cuntrys downloading the game is all good and well, but where is the update that should fix the lag which is, as others have said, quite the game breaker.

until that gets fixed, I just sideloaded audio defence this morning and enjoy that one, still, quite a blast and still a heap of fun.

I am waiting for the update

I am waiting for the update as well. Btw, how can I sideload games like audio defense and sixth sense?


App Developer

Hello buddy. Thank you for your question. We decided because of all the feedback and issues people were having, that we were going to do one update to fix everything at once. Didn’t make sense for us to keep doing updates every time we fix one thing. We are almost done. I will let you know when the update is available. Thank you again for your patience.

thank you

I'm new to IOS and have downloaded this game. I have never played an audio game before since I'm not in gaming so much. also, android didn't had so much options and this one is free so I decided to try this. I think I will like it as it's my first ever experience playing an audio game.
thanks to the app developer.



greetings, here is a couple of tips tht may help you. 1. if needed, turn the beacon thing off in settings, and turn the protagionest sound down to low setting:)
I discovered that helps center targets easier

thank you

I haven't started playing it yet, will surely test it.

News update

App Developer

We are working on an update release. I am not able to give you a date yet. I will let everyone know here when we are submitting. While you wait, check this out.

quack shot

Hello, how kan I unloock this function? I don't know if I have write correctly the name, it is between how to play and credits. Thank you for answers.

Quack shot

Hello. You have to kill certain amount of ducks and some tokens, and tickets.

You have to play quack shot.

Good morning. You have to play the quack shot to kill the ducks. Dislocated between credits. Keep swiping left till you hear the quack shot.

Hello, the problem is that

Hello, the problem is that when I tapp on quack shot, a message tels me that quack shot is locked. How kan I unlock it?

Double-Barrel Shotgun

You have to play passed Chapter 1, until you unlock the double-barrel shotgun. Once its unlocked, then you have to collect 1,800 tokens in order to purchase it.

How collect tokens? By

How collect tokens? By purchasing in apple store, or there is a way to collect during playing?

Not Sure on Collecting Tokens

Honestly, not really sure. I was going to say that when you play through Chapter 2, you collect tokens as you progress, but it stopped working for me.

I began Chapter 2, Stage 2 and, the more I progressed through this stage, the more tokens I collected, but once I got to Stage 3, I had to put the game away.

I came back to it later and thought to myself that I could redo Stage 2 and get more tokens, but when I started the stage, I wasn't getting anymore tokens. I figured that perhaps, because I had already collected tokens in Stage 2, I couldn't get anymore from this stage, but would resume collecting tokens once I began on Stage 3, but was sad when I wasn't getting anymore at all.

I'm not sure if you're supposed to get tokens throughout Chapter 2, as you progress through the Stages or if Stage 2 was the only stage that had tokens, but I got to Stage 5, I think, and still hadn't gotten anymore tokens.

So after this, I put the game away and recently decided to delete the app and wait until a future update is released. For now, I'd rather keep it off to save memory on my phone as the app takes close to 1 gig of memory.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, it's just that it doesn't seem to be consistent in some areas, and 1,800 tokens to purchase the shotgun, I feel is a little too high.

the key is

As far as I can tell, you'll get tokens on chapter 2 if you mannage to beat the stages without dying

Collecting Tokens

Ah ok, then I'll give it a try once again. I know that I lived through Stage 3 and 4 without dying, or which ever stage had the vampires that sucked your blood. I think they were in Stage 5, I could be wrong.

I may just re-download it again and try once more.


I hope everyone reads this.

App Developer

I am hoping that everyone reads this because I am going to officially leave helping each other, up to you guys. If someone needs help getting past something in the game, it will be up to everyone on this form to help each other. That is what families do for one another. Here we go.
I know that we launched the game for free. So, I thought that if everyone had a chance to play it. They would like it enough to upgrade weapons or purchase power ups. Even extending your health bar is an option. That stuff is a way for mental vision to collect money so we can finish CMR. Updates are coming. We are going to have Facebook, Twitter, and a email login for restore in app purchase. This is what Apple allows I do not understand why this Hass to be a complicated thing. It is out of our control. Not a big deal. We can handle this.
In the game. I will give you some help. Playing the game all the way through chapter 1 is a training chapter. This is to teach everyone how to play , Gain confidence, and get familiar with game controls. When you complete chapter 1. You will get a special bonus called the death wheel. During this bonus, all you have to do is tap the screen during the wheel rotation. It is random. You could earn free tickets or tokens. If you get the master bonus, you may win both. My average is about 700 tokens . I still have not hit the victim to get the master bonus. Igna has. I am very jealous. Ha ha. When you start chapter 2, stage one. You get a chance to earn free tokens. Round 1, 2, and three is your opportunity. If you don’t get hit during this stage you will get free tokens from the crowd. This was Jesse Anderson‘s idea. Yes, I am throwing you under the bus my friend. Ha ha. After completion of that stage you should have been informed that the shotgun has been unlocked. If you go to the shop. The shotgun cost 1800 tokens. I have given you free tokens this far. I have played from scratch several times. I usually earn about 800 or so tokens. If you purchase the small tokens package of 1000 coins which, is not expensive. You should have enough to purchase the shotgun. Once you unlock the shotgun, it lets you know that Quack shot has now been unlocked. When you play this, you have a opportunity to hash out and urn free tokens and tickets. The more ducks you kill without missing, the more rewards you receive. We will be implementing game center for this, to see who is the best. My record is only 27 in a row so far. I know it is challenging. It kicks my butt every time. Hey, it’s a way to earn free stuff. If it was easy it would be stupid. The more challenging something is, the better you feel when you succeed. OK, I think I helped you enough. I want to share this with you because it is relevant for our community. I hope it makes you proud.

Great job.

You did a damn good job of producing an actual challenging game. There are a few lag issues but you can’t have everything in life. You really brought a much-needed refresher from all of the simplistic games that have been coming out lately.

i'm hooked on this game

this is a great game, and I can't wait to see how much better it gets. I have an idea to add more fun. Have an endless mode of sort where clowns keep coming at you and you get to test your skills for points, that way we can post our scores to game center or something. What you guys think?

interesting idea

Hi, I'd say that is an interesting idea. I'm very very excited for the new version to be released. This developer is so inspiring!!

You are right

App Developer

You all are right. This game has potential. I am taking all of your constructive criticism and opinions to heart. I want you to know I appreciate everything that you have contributed to this dream of hours. Sorry it took so long. We will get better as we go. No one can get in our way now. We have proof. Believe in me because I believe in you. My dream has become our dream. I hope you can all listen to this.

are you still deciding what

are you still deciding what to do about finishing the game, or if your going to abandon it etc, just wondering as if there is going to be no new chapters, content etc I would like to know so I can free up space on my phone.

@ lex

the gamewill be finished as intended. Chapter 3 is in developement. When I said finished as intended I mean, the game will go up to chapter 5 as planed from the start

Answering questions

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Updates are coming. We are working on them. We want to make them perfect before release. Chapter 3 is coming. We are working hard on development. Everything is still on track. Mental Vision LLC is looking for new developers. if you are interested please send me an email. Thank you everyone.

CMR update

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Wow. Looks like this forum has kind of gone silent. I hope everyone is enjoying CMR. Have some good news. Updates are coming. I apologize for it taking so long. My team is working as fast as they can while maintaining and increasing The quality. there will be a few surprises with the new update. I will post here to let you know when the update is available. Happy hunting.

Big event coming

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On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, there’s going to be a big event. Theory of a blind man on YouTube is going to post a live show with Mental Vision LLC and My True Sound. If you have questions for either of us. You will be able to ask. Harry From pitch dark was also supposed to be there but, had other plans. Hope that all of you can be there. In the meantime, there is a podcast update from the Mental Vision Show.