accessibility of the twitter app on the Mac

what does every one think of the accessibility of the twitter app on the Mac?


Lack of Keyboard Navigation

The Twitter app for Mac is great for receiving notifications. However, the lack of keyboard shortcut navigation makes the app more frustrating to use. I recommend using Twitterrific for Mac for expeditious keyboard shortcuts and navigation, and using Twitter web for things that are not available in Twitterrific, such as creating lists, analytics, and editing your profile information.

works fine for me

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works fine for me. just takes some getting used to. Twitter themselves are actively updating their app, and according to the latest release notes they added and changed some keyboard shortcut. It integrates with notification centre as well, which in my experience, Twitterific for Mac doesn't do.

Keyboard Shortcut Questions

Where are the keyboard shortcuts located for the Twitter Mac OS app? Also, you're correct when stating that Twitterrific does not send notifications. This is because Twitter disabled notifications for third party apps.

How do I scroll?


Just had another look at this and still puzzled how people are able to use it. For the life of me I can't work out how to scroll. In other words, I can only get four or five items in the main content window which isn't interactive. I've tried VO shift and down to interact, no dice...

Any ideas?

But it has certainly improved

But it has certainly improved so really good to know the twitter development team are working on it.


bump? I'm still unsure if there's a way? :).

keyboard shortcuts

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The Keyboard shortcuts are in the menus.

Replying to Daniel

Thank you for providing info on the keyboard shortcuts. How do you scroll in the app? It neither works with the keyboard, nor the trackpad commander.


Finally, since the last update, we can scroll normally with voice ove in the timeline.