The Circus Master is here.

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Finally! It is here. I hope everyone enjoys it. If you post on this forum please, be respectful to one another. On this forum, your post should only be about CMR. If you have questions about how to pass a certain stage or acquire a certain weapon. Feel free to ask so the community can assist you with your struggles. If you are not respectful to one another, the moderators will shut the site down like they did on the last forum. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


can't wait to play it again

can't wait the new update and will play it again
have been really busy at work and protest and all the thing like it!

So, updates?

Where’s the update?
All you gave us is a link for some event and then tell us to vote on something. Where’s the news we’ve bin waiting for? For all we know you could just be stalling for time.

Not stalling

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I promise I have not been stalling. I have been looking for a good way for everyone to hear the news. CMR update will be available before 25 December of this year. Mental Vision, My True Sound, and Pitch Black Will be doing a panel discussion on theory of a blind man Facebook page. It will be live so, anyone can ask questions. We are planning to do it on Sunday, December 15. It will be about 9 AM Pacific standard time. This is where I was going to break the news about updates coming soon. I hope that all of you can show up and ask all three of us questions. As far as I know, there has never been three different accessibility developers willing to go live online and answer questions from the viewers. Should be really exciting. Dave Harry and myself are really excited for this opportunity. Hope you guys can make it. I will post a link to a Theory Of A Blind Man Facebook page here tomorrow. Thank you all for being patient with the updates. Good things are coming.

Here is the link

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I forgot that I didn't need a active link to the panel interview. Click on the link below and follow. You will be notified when we go live on theory of a blind man Facebook page. we are looking forward to all of your questions. I know we all are very excited. I know it's going to be a blast. if you don't have a Facebook account, that's OK. I will post a video of it on hear from my YouTube account.


I loved it! Thanks!

Bad news again

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I have become a liar once again. Our target for updates were going to be last Friday. If you haven't watch the news, India is having some political uprising. It seems like the whole world has the same issue. I know America does at the moment. As soon as everything settles down, we will get back on track for updates. A lot of the points have been completed but, we didn't want to just launch a partial update. I hope you understand. We will still keep working hard on this for you. Now is the time To keep the world in your prayers. This stuff is getting crazy. So, your Mental Vision present is going to be delayed. kind of a small thing in the bigger picture If you think about it.

Hey, it's all good. Get

Hey, it's all good. Get around to the update when you can. I totally understand ya Joseppie, and can sympathize!

Can not manage to logg in either

First I want to congratulate the developer over and over again for this awsome game. This is what I wanted all along. I'm playing Chapter 1, Stage 5 and I thus far manage to shoot 5 clowns. What impress me most: It is not a easy game.
Questions I have:
1. I simply can not manage to log in to FaceBook?
2. I can not unlock Quackshot?
Tap yourself on the sholder for all your hard work. You deserve it. I walked to work this morning with my guide dog next to me and hummmed: "I'm on a mobility run." I'm sure you wouldn't mind.


What is the target now? Oh I hope it will be soon. It is already Jan 17 today, and I'm still waiting for the third chapter.


I am also waiting for the update as well.

I understand

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If you have been following. I have mentioned this already. Plus, I have posted some podcasts so you would understand what is going on. I know some people don't listen to podcasts or go to YouTube. So, I will post it one more time. Updates will be here before 1 February. There are some issues overseas that are adding complications to the process. Bad things happen all over the world. Please be patient. Eric, I never said there will be chapter 3 with the update. We haven't even started that process yet. We are just trying to work on things that people had concerns about after the release. We are polishing everything with the code and algorithms. It will be here when it is here. I know you all will have a fantastic experience when it is completed. I will not let you down. I hope you all have faith and trust in me.

From the horses mouth

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Subham, The project manager for Circus Masters Revenge will be updating everyone tomorrow about updates. I know everyone has been waiting for a long time. For me, seems like the universe is against it or something. I apologize if you have written me an email and I haven't responded. There are 95 countries who have my email address and I am only one person. I think that my project manager will be able to answer any questions or doubts you have. I hope you believe that we wanted these updates as a Christmas present in December. Check out Murphy's Law. I think that will sum it up. Sad but true. Positive note. New year more stuff to get done. We can't promise CMR will be completed this year but, I believe most of it will be completed. We will also be crossing over to the Google play platform soon. I hope everyone loves the updates. I think it will be worth your time to re-explore CMR with a new insight on visually impaired gaming. Feel free to forget what you have experience this far. Explored like you never have. You may be surprised to find something new in all corners of this crazy clown world. Good luck and happy hunting.

From the Tech Team of CMR!

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Hey everybody,

I would like to let you all know on behalf of the technical team of the Circus Master's Revenge game that we have faced a few technical issues in terms of the Game Server. Due to this, we are a bit off from our initially projected timeline to launch a new update. This pause was technically necessary for the well-being of the live version of this game. The good news is, this is resolved today & we are expecting to complete the rest of the work for the big update in a few days' time.

We will keep you posted about the progress of CMR!

Happy gaming!!