Contacting Candywriter

Salutations! I've been trying to contact Candywriter (developer of the game Imagine Poker for iOS). The app is largely inaccessible but, based on the layout and the premise of Texas Hold 'Em, I don't see why the developer wouldn't be able to make it very VO-friendly with relatively little effort. So, I'd like to get in touch with them and encourage them to consider the large blind/low-vision iOS gaming community. Enter the problem: when I click the "Contact Us" mailto link on their website, I get a server error in my gmail. Does anybody happen to know the developer's email address, so that I can just enter it manually in the email address field? I'm dying to find a good poker app, and Imagine looks like a really fun concept, so I'd like to see if the developers would be willing to try and make it more accessible. Thanks for any help you can give! ~ JWB


Here you go ...

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Their email is You can also find them on Twitter:

*fingers crossed*

Got an enthusiastic response from Candywriter's customer service - said they think it'd be great to work more accessibility in and will pass the suggestion along to the developers. Now let's hope that A), that's a genuine response and not just a polite dismissal, and B), the developers are as enthusiastic...