MenuTab for Facebook


Description of App: 

Menutab takes your Facebook addiction to a whole new level. It is the best app for instantly accessing your Facebook account without having to open your web browser! With our competitors, you have to manually hit refresh constantly - way too much work. With MenuTab, we take advantage of the magic of Facebook to make everything totally real-time, with the latest news from your friends coming straight onto your desktop. Oh, and unlike all those other apps, we don't crash. MenuTab is absolutely free and allows you to view your news feed, profile page, inbox, photos and more. Downloading this should be a total no brainer!



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Accessibility Comments: 

This is a much better alternative to using Facebook on Safari in my opinion. The app is laid out a lot like the Facebook for iPhone app. I recommend using the trackpad to avoid confusion. If you scroll left and right with voiceover, items will be read in random order. It's also one of those apps that hides in the status bar so the only way to bring it up with voiceover is to go to the desktop and press control F.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments: 

I haven't used this app for too long so there might be more accessibility issues that I haven't encountered yet.

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