Any way to solve captchas in Safari?

I was filling out a form and suddenly it asked me to solve a captcha. And because I was not at my computer at the time, I didn't have webvisum to my help and no sighted person was close to me at that time, so I could not finish what I was doing. What I was wondering is, is there a way to solve captchas in Safari when there is no audio option present? Can I send the thing to something like TapTapSee and have it recognized?


try tap tap see or other app

Someone has recomended trying tap tap see or other app that recognises images. Some hints to do it with tap tap see:
1. when in a web browser, Select on a rotor forms and then slide down or up to find an image
2. doubletap and hold an image until a context menu opens
3. select an option save an image
4. open tap tap see and select library to find the saved image
5. select the saved image and double tap on it
6. wait a while for results
7. by selecting proper options on a rotor find the detected text and copy it into the clipboard
8. go back to a web browser, copy or type the text. I've never tried this but hope this will help you. Greetings.

Thank you

Awesome! I learned something new. I didn’t think of using taptapsee. I tried it and it eorks flawlessly. I have mostly used it to desern colours of my yarns when crocheting but it works bbrilliantly wit captchas. I hated captchas before.

would Sseing Ai. work too?

I wonder if anyone else has tried this before. Would seeing ai. work for this kind of thing? I'm currently trying memes and seeing if it works on them too. I know I have Braigo and OCR. for that, but I just think it'd be good to have a backup. And also maybe certain memes are harder to recigonize than others. Just a thought.

Seeing AI

I haven't even tried this app, because it is not available in my country's app store, which sucks. From the description, the app is really, really cool.

a couple of paid apps

So, you may want to try a couple of paid apps such as, Captchabegone & Rumola.

Rumola explicitly mentions the Safari support on their homepage.