Apps for recording

Hi all, i'm looking for a good accessible app that you can record things with, mucking around with friends, meetings etc as my digital recorder is broken so if there's an app for the phone out there, all would be good! If anyone's got anything good, hearing about it would be muchly appreciated. Thanks.


Clear Record

I have had good luck with Clear Record. I have the Pro version, but there is a light one as well.

I use Dropvox

I use Dropvox, a paid app for recording audio and immediately upload to a folder on your Dropbox account. It is £1.99 here in the UK. Fully accessible and very easy to use.

Dropvox and limited data plans

I was thinking of getting Dropvox, but I'm on a limited data plan, so I'm not sure about it. Audio, naturally, uses more data to upload, because it's bigger. Anyhow, the Voice Memos app works well. It comes with iOS preinstalled, since it's an Apple app. I find it works well for what I need it to do. The other thing I don't really like about Dropvox is that it records in .m4a, though I guess I really shouldn't be surprised by this.