dice world and the tournaments in the apps for gaining gold

Hi All,

I play a lot of the tournament games in the dice world app to gain more gold, and whenever I score enough in a game to qualify to win some gold the next time that I open the app and have several games that the people that I'm playing against have sent me I have a hard time getting rid of that tournament game that I've won gold in so that I can get to the games with my friends.

There's a delete button just after the tournament game as I'm flicking to the right but that doesn't get rid of the game altogether. What do I need to do to get rid of those games since I've already received the gold?


The games

After you finish the ternament it shouldn't be there. I agree that the delete button doesn't always work but the only thing you could do now is write the developer and tell them your proboem.

Re: I believe you just need to

Thanks I'll try just leaving it alone next time and see if it goes away on its own. Although, unless it's in my way and I don't realize it when I click on a game I'm playing and one of these tournament games is there I don't think the game that I'm trying to get to will open up. I can eventually get to it, but it takes trial and error and I can never remember what worked when I have to do it the next time.

DiceWorld Tournaments

Interesting. I've never come across this issue myself - the games automatically disappear. Have you tried forcing DiceWorld to close using the App switcher and then going back in to see if that gets them out of the way? I tend to use the app switcher at least once a day to close down all my apps to try and save my battery and keep on top of clutter. Just a suggestion that may work.


Reinstall the app. I had that problem and I reinstalled and it went away.