Dropping WiFi on Hi Sierra

Recently, I've been experiencing intermittent drops with my WiFi connection in hi Sierra. I repaired the disk by running first ade, completely reinstalled the operating system with no time machine backup, and still no go. I was looking at articles to see if their might be some safe advice I could try but, don't want to try anything dangerous on my own. I've spokien to Apple's accessibility on this issue and the CSR's have no idea or they aren't getting any reports. I know that WIFI isn't stable and it isn't reliable all day everyday. I've had my cable company out and their are no internet outages anyware in the area. I do live in an apartment and I know WiFi networks can bump heads. I of course have my networks hidden for security so not just anybody can jump on them. Is their something else I'm not tryhing? Please help if you can.



It could very easily be not your computer, but the Wifi router. Try restarting the router, and see what happens. Usually, unplugging, and waiting a few seconds then replugging it back in will re-boot it.
HTH and good luck.

One or more devices?


Did you have wifi issues prior to upgrading to High Sierra? Are your other wifi devices getting disconnected often as well?

I would try what the previous post suggested and restart the router. If that does not help, the next step would be based on the answer to the above questions. If all your devices are frequently getting disconnected, it could be a router issue. Find out what kind of router you have and see if it has the latest firmware. Update the firmware as needed. If the router is over 4 years old, consider purchasing a new one. If you purchase a new one, get it from a store with a good return policy. In case the new router doesn’t resolve your issue, you can return it.

If only one device is getting frequent disconnect, then the problem is with that device. Since you have already reinstalled the OS, you can try a PRAM and SMC reset.

HTH and good luck.

Wifi Dropping

My WiFi is fine. My 2012 Mac Air does not keep dropping the Internet connection but my 2016 Mac Pro does. The Pro was OK with Sierra but with High Sierra the internet keeps dropping. My workaround is to turn WiFi off then turn it back via the WiFi icon in the top Mac menu bar. Still looking for a permanent solution.

Dropping Wi-Fi

I was having this issue too, I thought it was my router, but then I realized all the other devices on my network were working just fine. So a lot of headache and resetting later, I figured, my problem was the broadcasting mode. It was mixed, so I set it to N, and my connection seems to be working just fine. Its been about a week since I changed it. I even took my computer out, to do some battery testing, and bringing it back home and reconnecting to the network works too. Hope this helps you in some way, and hope that you get it resolved. I do wonder if its a software issue, and if apple can patch it? I guess we'll have to wait and see.