Any accessible smart thermometers ?


So I can't get hold of a talking thermometer so I thought I'd ask here if there are any that you are aware of that are compatible with IOS? Thanks O


Yes, but...

If you mean the kind for taking your body temperature, The Vicks Smart Temp Wireless Smartphone Thermometer and app is accessible. You'll have to find a source that isn't sold out right now.
If you want the room temperature, the SensorPush app and device are accessible.
Both are reviewed on AppleVis.

Yes - Depends on what you want

If you are looking for something to take a body temperature, try one of the catalogs that sell all kinds of accessible products for the visually impaired such as Maxi Aids, Independent Living Aids, LS&S Group, etc.

if you are looking for something that works with iOS to read room temperatures and humidities, I have the Blue Maestro unit which sells for under $30 and has an app that is very accessible with VoiceOver. I believe the unit is called the "Tempo Plus".