Bluetooth keyboard acting up severely with iOS11.3.1

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I'm having a very odd issue, and Apple Accessibility cannot even seem to figure this one out.

Today, for the first time, I decided to connect my aluminum Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard to my iPhone 10 which is running iOS 11.3.1. I successfully got the keyboard connected with hardly any effort at all. Realize that I have beforehand connected this keyboard to my iPhone 7 Plus, and things functioned perfectly. That said, I never did so on iOS 11.3.1. Anyway, getting back to the iPhone 10, I noticed that my arrow keys are working fine with quick nav, and so is regular typing. I can use all global iOS commands like command spacebar to open spotlight, etc. This however said, any commands which involve the use of the Voiceover keys, (CTRL+Option) are not working. One thing I didn't think to try was using the capslock key. I wonder if I changed that to be the Voiceover key instead of ctrl+Option. That's the only thing I can think I didn't think to look at, which I now honestly feel like an idiot for not doing.

Anyway, nothing is working in combination with the VO keys. I can't hit VO+H for home, VO+N for notifications, nothing.

Has anything changed that I may not be aware of in the default keymap?

I'm going to go check to see if that caps lock key could be the problem... why I didn't think of that, I'll never know. I'll update this post, if indeed that is the case. Otherwise, yeah...



Submitted by Chris Gilland on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Yup. That's exactly what it was, guys. I'd changed my modifier key over to the caps lock key instead of control+Option. I don't remember doing that, though it doesn't honestly totally surprise me.

Anyway, sorry. David, you, Michael, or anyone on the editorial team are welcome to delete this post entirely from from the admin dashboard. Sorry about the confusion.