How about a like button on AppleVis comments or posts?

Hi there, all amazing AppleVis people!
I have many times found myself reading great posts on AppleVis, or even more often; an extra helpful or great comment, and then wished strongly that the post or comment had a like button, or a thumbs up button that I could press to show that I liked this comment and that I'm greatful for the person who took the time writing it.
I think this would also be a more sufficient way of sorting out the really helpful comments from the not so helpful at a quick glans. Or if nothing more, than just to say "Hey, I liked that! Keep it up!"
Psychologicaly, I beleive that this also might be the extra little nudge that can help the not so frequent posters to take the little extra minute to write a reply or to share their knowledge in other ways on AppleVis.
Is this something that others than me perhaps would find helpful and enjoyable, or is this something we should forget I ever mentioned, and never speak of it again? ;)
And maybe even more important, is this a complicated thing to code and implement into the website, if it's even possible to do... I have no idea! I'm just the creative guy who throws out the ideas and leave all the heavy lifting and hard word to others! Lol! ;)
I have previously mentioned this suggestion to one of the AppleVis staff members, but I'm not sure if this has been forgotten among other more pressing and important tasks, or if it already has been voted on and thrown in the trash can.
So I thought I'd just throw the suggestion out here and see what you all think, and see if you think it makes sense or if it is a terrible, terrible idea :)
Take care!


It's been given some thought and testing

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

This is actually something that I have explored and tested on a number of separate occasions over the years. To date, I have not found an implementation that I am happy with.

To be frank, I am also not fully convinced yet that this would be something that people would use and value; and not see as more page elements to slow down their navigation of the site. In a large part, this is due to the usage of other tools on the site (most notably the buttons that enable users to recommend apps or add their own Usability Ratings).

I will, however, give this some more thought, although I won't make any commitment at this time that this is something that we will definitely add.


I think it’s very great idea.

In agreement

I have to be in agreement with you, it is not a bad idea, but I don’t think it would be good for this website. It would be more clutter, and would we really use it? I’ve seen these kind of buttons and other support pages, and I’ve certainly never used it.

Not useful and just adds clutter

Personally, I don't see how a "like" button would serve much useful purpose, and as has been mentioned, I think it would just add clutter. If one wants to "like" a post or comment, just post a comment stating that.

I'm not sure of the like

I'm not sure of the like button myself, I've seen it in other places, and most of the time people will like something because they're too lazy to leave a comment.

Facebook also use it like a subscribe to this thread option, while use what they call a thumbs up, kind of what you're asking for.

I guess if it doesn't get abused it should be fine.

I'll probably use it if I like someones post, not because I'm too lazy to leave a comment.

You're right, I have come accross comments on here that I wish I could leave a thumbs up rather than comment, but that's usually because the poster explains something better than I can.

I agree with Number 4

A Like or Dislike button really doesn't tell you anything, but a short message describing why you like or dislike something goes further. Dave

Like button is not very useful to me

I, personally, would be grateful for a comment rather than a like or a thumbs up. If I like a comment or a post, I'd rather leave a message then just hitting a button. Many times people give likes because they are too lazy to write a short comment. I have seen that in Facebook and other social medias. It would just clutter the page.

Good points!

Thanks a lot, guys, for your replies!
You have all good and valid points. However, I still personaly have to politely disagree.
In regards to adding clutter; when signed in, the only element below each comment now is the "reply" button. I guess if you e.g. after each comment add a thumbs up button, along with a number count of the current number of thumbs up, you could just navigate to the next heading if you don't want to read or see this information. I usually navigate in comments here by heading anyway, so that shouldn't be too huge of a problem.
Personally, I think having to flick right 3 times on iOS from the subject/heading to get to the content of the comment is a bigger issue, cause one can't use the heading navigation to get to the content. So when you've read the content, all you have to do to not having to see the likes information, is to navigate to the next heading.
In this tread, there is already a few comments I would wish I could hit the like or thumbs up button on, of course along with also writing this reply. The thing for me is that when there's a lot of coments since I last checked in, it's harder to comment on each of the, in this case, 7 comments individualy.
I of course take the time to write a reply, but also hitting like on a few of the comments could be a nice extra element of showing appreciation to the person writing it. And I don't think one necessarily excludes the other. One can hit like, or write a reply, or better, do both! :)
I strongly beleive also in cases where people asks for help in some regards, that it would be much easier both at present time and also at a later point for others that may have the same issue, to quickly see what answer(s) was the most helpful by just looking at the number of likes or thumbs up. In my view, this is a lot more efficient and saves more time, than having to read through all, let's say 20-30 comments in one tread.
If one comment sticks out by having e.g. 10 thumbs up, and the others have close to 0, then you know that this comment has something to it that could be of interest to you, if you e.g. just have searched on the site to try to find answers to a problem you're facing.
But I of course respect your take on this, that's the nice thing about this world, we can all have different views, and there isn't necessarily a 100% right or wrong answer to everything. Heck, you might even be able to convinse me that this is a really crappy idea, if you have good arguments! Who knows! ;)
Anyway, think this is a good discussion, and if the majority anyway says no, then this thing is more than settled, and we have at least investigated if the community think this is a "Yay or nay"
All the best :)