iOS 11 on an iPhone SE?

Now that iOS 11 has seen a number of updates to fix bugs, I'm beginning to consider whether or not to update my iPhone SE which is still running iOS 10.3.3 to it. Towards that end, I have two basic questions.

But first, a little about my iPhone usage. I'm not a power user, I use the phone for communication and information only. For playing media file such as music or movie audio tracks or Daisy books, I have a Victor Reader Trek. For playing games, I have my PC and am considering getting one of the smaller format iPads.

So, my questions are:

1. How does iOS 11 run on an iPhone SE? I've heard reports that say it is some what sluggish and that staying with iOS 10 would be better if you want a phone that performs smoothly, and I've heard reports that say the iPhone SE has enough horsepower to run iOS 11 smoothly. So, which is it?

2. How is iOS 11's accessibility? Here too I've heard reports that most of the major accessibility bugs have been fixed and that it's safe for users dependant on the accessibility features to update now. And I've also heard reports that there are still significant accessibility issues and that if you are dependant on the accessibility features, that it would be better to continue holding off updating to iOS 11 until Apple has fixed the major problems that still exist. Again, which is the more accurate report?

If you are an iPhone SE user running iOS 11, I'd like to hear from you about your experiences.



iOS 11 on SE

Hi, I got my iPhone SE after iOS 11 was released, so I don't know how was iOS 10 on it. But, I can tell you iOS 11 runs just fine. It does not hang, apps open quickly, touch response is fantastic; if you mean these things by 'smoothly', then it is smooth enough. On your second question, I do not face any issues, however, if you can specify the sort of accessibility bugs you are talking about, I can tell you better.

I guess I'm just looking for

I guess I'm just looking for a general feeling of how well iOS 11 runs on an SE and how accessible it is compared to the last version of iOS 10.


iOS 11 Runs Just Fine

I've had my iPhone SE for about a year, and I can tell you it runs just as well on iOS 11 as it did on iOS 10. There is no noticeable performance drop (i.e. it's just as smooth as ever), and there are no significant bugs.
Hope that helps.

Is working good

I agree with you, it flows! The focus-problems are solved here, apps open quickly and there are no critical bugs for me. The only thing, that came up with iOS 11.2 is, that VoiceOver "can't find" the "download"-button in the Appstore, with that I downloaded apps. (This problem was described here.) For me are two critical things left: The fast battery draining and the fact, that you can't disable wLan and Bluetooth in the control-center. That don't fits directly to your questions, but could be interesting.



Your remarks are helpful, it seems that the reports about iOS being slow on an SE were apparently mistaken. I wonder if they considered the SE the same as a 5s.

@white light

Thanks! Strange as it may sound I don't use the control panel, instead if I need to enable or disable something, I generally always go to the Settings app.

The fast battery draining and the app store download button problem could be an issue. While I rarely download apps to my iPhone, if I need an app, I don't want to be blocked by a Voice Over problem. And smart phones are bad enough on battery life without the operating system making things worse.

Maybe I'll wait for 11.3 to see if they fix these problems before updating.

Battery Drain

Honestly, I don't find that my battery drains any faster on iOS 11 than it did on iOS 10, and you can trust me on that as I tend to care a lot about such things and have optimized all my settings to squeeze as much juice out of the battery as I possibly can. I generally get a full day of battery under normal usage, if not more.

don't wait to long

Just make sure you either leave it on 10 or update, as I'm sure the SE might be the next to become obsolete. Only because apple was what, six models out right now? Anyay hope you enjoy the phone whatever youdo.

iOS 11

I'm running iOS 11 on an iPhone 5s. The performance isn't horrible and I haven't experienced any major showstopping bugs. Since the iPhone SE is two processor generations ahead of my phone, iOS 11 should run even better than it does on the A7. iOS 11.2.1 has squashed many of the annoying bugs that were present in the initial versions.

iOS 11 on iPhone SE

I don't see any problems now with my SE running ios 11.2 especially with the latest update. It's working as smoothly as before.

I got mine when it's still with ios 11.0.3, and most of the bugs in that version were all squashed.

iOS 11.2 with the SE

Hello Orko: I agree withJT. I too have an SE and iOS 11.2 works perfectly for me. No problems so far.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone!

Because there are still mixed reports on 11.2, this is what I've decided.

As noted in an earlier message, I ordered a 128 GB iPad Mini 4 which will no doubt have iOS 11 already installed on it. I will use my experiences with it and the reports I've gotten here to decide whether to update my phone now or to continue to hold off.

My hesitation to update comes from the fact that it is so easy to update, but is very difficult to impossible to go back should the update go south. In my view, better to hesitate than to make a mistake you can't undo.

iOS 11 specs

I upgraded my iPhone se from iOS 10 to iOS 11.The phone still functions smoothly as before but I won’t recommend upgrading to next iOS as the processor will get slow
If you are not convinced then think about this:
The developers had designed iPhone se in such a way that it can withstand another upgrade.
If in iOS 10 processor was at capacity of 50% then iOS 11 full capacity of processor will be used
You have nothing to worry about

no problems here

I use iOS 11 on my iPhone SE and have had no problems. Works like a charm.

I was actually worried

I was actually worried because I just got my new SE and i couldn't downgrade for some reason, but IOS 11 is amazing on it, i haven't found any bugs so far

Best laid plans..

The best laid plans of mice and men...

I got my iPad Mini 4 fully expecting it to have iOS 11 on it and was going to use my experiences with it to help me decide whether it's time to update my phone or not, but to my surprise it came with iOS 10.3.3, so I decided, like my phone to not be too eager to update it.

I do want to update to 11 to get any security enhancements, bugg fixes, and new features, but not at the possible risk of loosing an environment that is working perfectly for me. Hopefully the reports about 11.3 when it is released will be encouraging enough to convince me to take the plung.

Seasons greetings everyone, and thanks for the replies.