Playing FIFA?

Hello guys!
I would like to play fifa on my iPhone, but the game does not support Bluetooth keyboards.
Is there any way I can use my keyboard to play?



I would love to play some Fifa too but just didn’t know if this game is accessible. It would be really cool if it was but I am not sure. Maybe I should check that?

Bluetooth keyboard?

I would like to control the game by the bluetooth keyboard, but the game is not compatible.
Any idea?


Hello people, yes i do play fifa but my game play is so slow idk why ?! my doctor has put me on human growth hormone and it's so so boring because i do nothing at all days on end. playing saves me but it is slow and it gets me mad.



Wondering if it is really

App Developer

Wondering if it is really accessible for the blind. Since there is no VoiceOver support and the interface is quite graphical, and VO has to be off, then how you play it? No keyboard support either!