Question about automatic downloads

Here is, I hope, a simple question.

In setting, iTunes & App Store, Automatic Downloads, there are three settings. Music, Apps, and Updates.

The music one is obvious and I have it turned off because I don't use my phone as a media player, nor do I buy music from iTunes.

The Apps and Updates settings confuse me slightly, what is the difference between them? To my mind they seem to be for the same thing, Apps.



#1 RE: Question about automatic downloads

These settings are for those who may have multiple devices. Let's say you have an iPhone and a iPad. If you were to purchase and download either music, books or apps from your iPad, and you had these first three options enabled on your iPhone, then when, and I believe this is only when on Wi-Fi, your iPhone would automatically download the purchased content from your iPad onto your iPhone. The fourth option, to download updates, refers to the App Store on the device. If any of your installed apps have updates, then having that setting enabled would automatically update your apps, and again I believe only while on Wi-Fi.

I personally have all four options disable as I only have my iPhone, and would rather manually update my apps in the App Store. HTH!

#2 4 options?

4 options? I only have 3, music, apps, and updates. Could that be because you are running iOS 11 while I am still running iOS 10.3.3?

#3 RE: 4 options?

That could be it, I'm on 11.3 and there is another option for audiobooks.

#4 why not upgrade

Just curious as to why you are not on iOs 11.3? Also, and this is my personal opinion only, I would never set my phone to automatically update apps. The less that my phone does automatically, the better. I want the decision making capability. While some people say that automatic updates make it easier, they also will be the first to get an app whose accessibility has been broken, and they did not ask for it.

#5 Updating iOS and apps

First of all, I agree with you about updating apps, though I generally always get updates, I do check to see if there are any reports of problems with the latest update first.

Regarding iOS. iOS 10.3.3 is working fine for me and I'm still finding reports of accessibility issues with iOS 11 that make me hesitant to upgrade. I still recall the disaster that was the initial release of iOS 9, and based on accessibility issue reports on the initial releases of iOS 10 and 11, it doesn't appear that Apple's testing of accessibility has improved any, so I'm very cautious about upgrading to newer versions of iOS. I'd probably still be running iOS 9 if I hadn't upgraded my phone from a 5s to a SE which already had iOS 10 on it.

And yes, I've been involved in the computer industry since 1975 when the first microcomputer was announced so I know all about the security risks of not updating.