What happened to email previews in iOS 10?

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Hello there,

After updating to ios 10.2 recently, i noticed that voiceover no longer reads my email previews.

I have set the email to five previeew lines and have hints turned on.

So my question is,

1 is this an ios 10 bug or is this my device issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



New Feature

Actually, it's neither a bug nor a problem with your device. It's a new feature in iOS 10. Now, to hear the message preview, just do a 3-finger single tap.

Ios email preview

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Thank you jeff, i tried it and it works,
Thank you so much

Great Hint!

Thanks very much for this tip. I saw the news that the mail message preview was gone in iOS 10.2 (although maybe one could access it with a 3D touch which my phone doesn't have) and I was very disappointed.

This 3-finger single touch is even better than before since the preview isn't automatically read but can be inacted very easily and quickly.