Chapter Marks in Podcasts?

iOS & iPadOS

Guys, I am very integraded with the Apple ecosystem, as far as tightly using cloud services, like Apple Music, iTunes Match, which technically really isn't much needed any longer, but that's another beast in itself that I won't bore you with, but anyway, things like iCloud, etc.

For this reason, seeing I have a Homepod, 2 iPhones, 4 macs, all be it not the newest models, an apple watch series3, Apple TV, plus a Sonos system which has Apple Music configured on its controller, I like the ability to listen to podcasts across all those devices. For that reason alone, I've grown to really really love the native Apple Podcasts app. The problem is, unless I am missing something here, I see no way in it, nor in any of the other devices/iTunes, a way to jump by chapter marks within a podcast.

I've been told that Overcast will do this, although admittedly, though I have had the app installed in the past, I never really looked too heavily at it. Also, I'm told that Downcast will allow for this functionality.

My point is, I'm curious what apps are out there which are Voiceover friendly that would allow me to take advantage of this feature. I've got a podcast that is segmented this way, and some of the stuff, I really don't care to hear, but other parts of it, I do. So, this would help tremendously!

I'm incredibly advanced with Voiceover both on the Mac, and on iOS, so it shouldn't be too much an issue. I just need to know what works, and what is most recommended for this task.

Thanks much.




Submitted by dvdmth on Thursday, May 24, 2018

I use Downcast for podcasts, and I can definitely say that chapters are well supported by the app. You can bring up a menu of chapters within the episode you are listening to, and the buttons for going to the previous or next episode will also jump by chapter if the current episode has more than one.

On the Mac, you may be able to jump by chapter in iTunes by pressing Command-Shift-Left Arrow and Command-Shift-Right Arrow, or by using the Chapters menu in the menu bar (it will be at the far right, next to the Help menu). This works for other media types, such as audiobooks, movies, and even music files with chapter markers, but I can’t say for sure that this works with podcasts, because I don’t use iTunes for that.

Apple’s native Podcasts app does not support chapters, something a number of people have complained about over the years. It is one of the main reasons why third-party podcast apps still exist today. Most third-party podcast players support chapters, at least the mainstream ones, given how frequently that feature is requested.

Submitted by Blinken223 on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hi, I've been using Downcast for years and with it, you can see the chapters and skip to the one you want. But my understanding is that the person putting the podcast together has to set chapters up at their end. If it is not set up, then I think you won't see the button to view the chapters. But with Downcast, I can absolutely confirm that you are able to see them on podcasts that set it up and you can definitely navigate to the chapter you want. HTH!