iPhone as microphone?

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I have a desktop Windows 10 machine which is not in the same area as my studio control room. For that reason, without running cabling like crazy all over the place, it's a little hard getting a microphone near the area where this machine is located. I understand this wouldn't be as good as a studio grade mike, which for this purpose, is just fine, but is there any way, even if with the use of an app that I could somehow plug via USB my iPhone into my PC, then have it show up in Control Panel as an input audio device, thereby letting me use its microphone as an external USB microphone? I know one may say, just buy a USB mike or headset and be done with it. I have reasons far beyond what I can explain here on Applevis for why this scenareo won't work, and I ask that everyone please respect that, and don't make suggestions based on me buying a mike or headset. I have what I have to work with, and only that. Please don't go down the buy this or that rabbit trail. If there is no way to do this, just say no. Don't beat around the bush.

Thank you.


try the megaphone app

There is an app called megaphone that turns your iPhone into a microphone.

It's free so you can just download it and give it a try.

When I tried it, using a patch cable it sounded quiet, but my levels are only at 50%.

It even lets you pick which microphone on the iPhone you want to use.

Give it a go, and if it doesn't meet your needs, well, the app is free so it's not like your paying for a mic, not when the ones in the iPhone are suppose to be excellent mics.