Which app do UK users recommend for tracking your location and what's around you whilst walking?

iOS and iPadOS

I'll shortly be moving to a new town, and was hoping that people would be able to recommend a good app that will help me get around and familiarise myself with the local area.

My typical use case is likely to be simply out exploring the area on recreational walks, so not navigating to a specific location. Ideally the app will announce my current location; what's around me whilst I walk; and approaching junctions.

There are many apps which appear to fit the bill, but are there any which are better than others for the UK?

Thanks for sharing any recommendations ☺️



Submitted by Rhodie on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hi ,
I have Soundscape very useful for this purpose. tell you what places around and also give info on intersections as you approach the,
Its is in app store and its free
Take care