Is an iPad pro as useful and easy to use as a Macbook?


With the, presumably, imminent launch of a new iPad air next month and the recent release of the iPad pro late last year, I've been wondering how useful vast touch screens are for blind users?

Can you navigate easily? Is text input easy, especially in the case of iPad pro's smart keyboard? Does it in fact have any advantage over a more conventional laptop such as the Macbook 12 inch?

From my perspective, the greatest advantage of a large touchscreen is on screen manipulation of objects and, though apple has worked hard to make sure we can access this to a certain extent, it's doubtful that any of us will be doing graphic design on these devices.

But this is just my view... What do you think?


iPad Pro for blind users

Many blind users say that the iPad Pro is too big. A MacBook can also do far more at the same price. If you really like an iPad though, go and get an iPad because you might not see a touchscreen MacBook until September at least.

I am getting rid of my Mac entirely

The iPad pro is the best computer I've ever had. The larger screen makes navigation so much easier for me because I can get a better sense of webpage layouts and interact with content easily. The other advantage for me is that i've written a lot of workflows to do text manipulation using workflow and Drafts. I can say that I can't wait for my mac to go, IOS is the future for my needs because IOS nine specifically has improved how I can work on the iPad. If you have the time and inclination to begin to use IOS to it's fullest, go for it.

Great, thanks

I'm actually looking at the ipad air 3, but of course we can't discuss rumours on here. I think it's going to be like a smaller version of the pro.

I'd be interested to know, are there any mind mapping tools you've got working on it? That is an advantage I've not really thought of, the acual use of 2d representation rather than the relative 1d we get on macs.

Also, do you use the smart keyboard? Thanks

With the release of the 9.7

With the release of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, I'm seriously considering this question. I have an iPhone 6+ but find it an awkward size for actually trying to do work on; editing documents for instance, even with a bluetooth keyboard. I like the idea of having the iPad and keyboard kept together compactly together, and I think the sound is fabulous, but would like to hear some thoughts from others about possible possible pitfalls I might want to know about as well as benefits of using a Macbook Air or smaller Macbook Pro that I might not have thought about.