iPhone file browsers on pc

Hello everyone, I have a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 11.4.1, and I'm searching for a way to view the phone's file system on the computer, is there an accessible program for that? and thanks :)


Hi, unfortunately programs

Hi, unfortunately programs for browsing the file system are quite rare in terms of being accessible.
The only one I know of in fact is called iexplorer and its made by macroplant, however the user interface itself is quite fiddly in terms of being accessible they only added it in after I asked them quite a few times and when they did they only did a half baked job.
There tech support is awful, they have actually stopped responding to messages from me even though I wanted to be constructive with them to improve accessibility.
The only bit of the program I really used was the part that was able to mount phone app directories as if they are drives on your computer but it was unreliable when I wanted to copy files from my computer to the phone, and I had several instances where it tried to copy files to the phone they seemed to be there but the files corrupted during transfer, so the files on the pc were fine but on the phone they hadn't copied properly and sometimes there were errors while copying as well. copying data back from the phone always worked as expected I seem to remember.
as your jailbroken though another option you have is to install I think it was called something like network tools though I can't remember the name for sure and I was able to access my iPhones file system over my wifi network but don't quote me on the name.
I also did a quick google and ran across a post on reddit that talks about installing open ssh then using an ftp client to brows your phones file system, though if you do go down the root of browsing your phones file system over your network you should definitely change the ssh password as everyone knows the default password is alpine and there are tweaks you can get that allow for disabling of open ssh till you need it.

I think I logged in useing an

I think I logged in useing an ssh client, but I don't no how to use the thing. and I couldn't find the network tools thinggy

iPhone file browsers on pc

I just downloaded iExplorer and can't figure out how to get past the first screen--all NVDA will read is "register iExplorer", but I can't even get that button to work. JAWS didn't get much farther, though it did read the program name and a "continue in demo mode" button, but this didn't do much, either! Any help would be appreciated, or any suggestion for a different program which can do similar things. iExplorer was recommended in the iPhone app, eBook Converter, as a means to start the process of converting ibooks.

try ssh and sftp

I have no experience with jailbreak, but ssh and sftp work well for me.
The App I use on ipad is ssh terminal. Windows has ssh built in,
so you just have to enable it in your services panel.
You would need to install openssh server on your phone.

I have no idea if that would give you access, but it's what I would try.