Looking for accessible and comprehensive grammar checking tool

Hello felllow scribblers.

I'm trying to find something similar to Grammarlee that works with voiceover on mac. I use scrivener to write which uses the system wide grammar checker which leaves a lot to be desired. Anyone got any experience or work flows to really tidy up a document?





Have you received an answer to this question, perhaps? If so, mind sharing it?

Unfortunately not

I had no replies so my research continued. It would seem that, at present, the best we're going to get is Microsoft word and its attempts at grammar correction. Sadly, Microsoft word is still a serious pain to use. Instead I now just look up issues and attempt to learn how to do it for myself. There are plenty of resources out there in the ocean of the internet but one I highly recommend is Grammar Girl. She seems to cover everything, the site is very accessible and means we don't need expensive and, arguably, lazy automation.

oh dear

That well, it sucks. I don't know how else to put it.


I think there are ways of using grammarly and other such tools but it's rather arduous and frustrating. Sorry to not be the barer of better news.