Help on matt testing app that hates VO!

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi everyone,

So I've been messing about doing some 3D printing during lockdown. I've just ordered a new printer, an MK3S by Prusa which is tied in with their app, PrusaSlicer. When I run the application I get VoiceOver saying it's busy constantly and when it finally works it tends to crash after I navigate about a bit.

I've spoken with Prusa on the subject but they can't seem to reproduce the issue but they also admit that they have no knowledge of VoiceOver. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to try the app and let me know their experiences? I'm on a 2018 MacBook Air so hardly an old machine but would be interested to see if others have different experiences.

The software can be found at this download link and it's specifically PrusaSlicer we are looking at.

I realise that very few of you really care about 3D printing, I'm just a bit of an engineering nerd, so I will be very grateful indeed if someone wouldn't mind helping out. There are a lot of technically minded people out there.

All the best