Probably, Ewww! Uh, naao! But figured I'd ask.

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OK, you guys probably are gonna be like, uh, dude, no frickin' wayy! But, hey, don't knock it! This thing was the bomb back in its days. Anyway, seeing that MSN messenger/live messenger/windows messenger, call it what you will, is dead, AIM is dead, etc, I think ICQ is pretty much dead, is there really much any use now adays where on a mac, Adium could be kind of cool to have? I suppose you could use it with Jabber, but good luck finding a server to use, and frankly, our ISP blocks the ports necessary to run my own jabber server. Even if they didn't though, back in the days before they blocked those ports, I tried, and I never could get the darned bumb bunny to work... I'm saying, the jabber server I couldn't get to work, not Adium. Adium worked just fine.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Face it, adium is dead, just use facebook messenger and that's about it. Trillion also works as well for cross platform messaging. Also changing your subject line as it really does not describe what you are talking about, and is impossible to search archives for if someone wanted to do a search for messengers.
Besides what was your question, you never actually stated it.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, June 19, 2020

Sarah, please don't tell me how to post my comments. If the AV team has a problem with my postings, let them be the ones to speak. This isn't the first time you've played mod, and I honestly, with all due respect, doubt it'll be the last. That said, thank you for the clarification.