Editing Music

I have learned the MAC OS very well with VO but, am encountering a problem. I can not find a software that I can use with VO to edit music to make custom ringtones. I understand the method of creating, moving, so on so forth but can not find a accessible program. I have tried WavePad but, had no luck and wondered if anyone had any ideas or experience with this? If not I'll probably throw Adobe Audition on the Bootcamp and make them using JAWS since that's how I did it before I made the MAC conversion. Thanks


#1 Amadeus, possibly?

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Why not use Amadeus Pro, or Garageband? Both these will do the trick awesomely! Here's another little trick for ya. Take an audio that you wanna use as a ringtone. Save it as a .M4A file. Now, once it's editted to your liking, and it's saved to the .M4A, go into your finder, and find the file. Then hit return on the file to rename it. Change the extention from .M4A to .M4R. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. This will work as far back I think as Leopard, and maybe even on Tiger, though I've never tried. Now, import that M4R file into your ITunes like normally with command+O while in ITunes, or better yet, just hit command+O on it from the Finder. Hopefully M4R should be assigned to by default open in ITunes. It will be unless you deliveretly changed it. Now sync your IPhone, IPod, or IPad. As long as you have it set to sync ring tones, that should do the trick. You may before syncing want to go in and find the tone in your ringones source in ITunes, then find it in your table list. I say this as you may wanna then hit command+I on it to get info, and be sure it's correctly tagged. Otherwise it could in the long run become a bit of a sloppy mess. Let me know if you need any more help, and I'll see what I can do. I do have a contact form of here. Not totally sure how to use it, but I'll figure it out if it become needed, don't worry, it's no sweat. Take care, and God bless. Chris.

#2 not sure

I use gold wave for my PC. Not sure if you can use the same. Chriss was right. you can make a M4a file, change it to a M4r. I do it all of the time.

#3 Goldwave on the Mac

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No. Unfortunately, but fortunately, in my opinion, Goldwave doesn't work on the Mac. Now granted, if you really are that insistant on using it, though I'd never know why you would be as in my opinion, that thing's a piece a crap, you could use it in a virtual machine like VMWare Fusion, or just use Bootcamp, but again, you couldn't pay me to use GW. Let me save you all from war flaming up here. You wanna know why I don't like it? OK, where do I start!? Editting is clunky, at best, yeah, it's totally accessible, don't think it isn't, I'll give GW developers that much, but the keystrokes are totally unlogical. Learning about your play cursor and your play head being two totally different things and learning that they don't always follow one another, is kind of confusing. The way GW handles regions kind a stinks in my view, the effects that come bundled are God aweful in my opinion, plus there are ways of customizing the effects, but you're very limited. I find that it is almost impossible not to clip your internal bus with the thing, and adding compression/dynamic limiting doesn't really seem to help. And the worst: the encoding process time... oh my God! Don't! even get me started on that! I'll stay with ProTools thank you very much. LOL! OK, for basic editting, it's sort of ish doable to use GW, but I'd use Soundforge way! before using GW! Anyway, I'm veering off topic, so I'll end on that note, but yeah, no... GW isn't available on the Mac... at least not that I! know of, and believe me, I following audio production very very very very very very! heavily on the mac sidee of things being it's what I do for my living profession.