What's the process for updating entries as new versions of apps are released?

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Hi, Is there already a process in place to perform this task? A current example would be oMoby from IQ Engines. the two versions released recently have noteworthy improvements in both functionality and accessibility, and it would be good to get this info online ASAP. So far as I've seen, there doesn't seem to be functionality to edit or update an existing post, or have I missed it? Assuming that I haven't missed a trick, perhaps a neat way to do this would be to only allow the user trying to add new information access to fields they'd need to tweak the version number and any accessibility changes. The version number needing to be different for the form to be submitted could be a simple method of varifying it's not people tweaking just for the sake of it. Updates like this could be worth less points than fresh content, but should still be worth something as an added insentive to keep the site current. Scott



Submitted by AppleVis on Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Hi Scott,

The original poster of any entry in the App Directory has the ability to edit or update that entry (when viewing the entry they will see a link to 'edit').

For others, the quickest and easiest way to provide updated information on an app is to add a comment to the original entry. I would also encourage people to use this facility if they simply wish to add to what has already been said about an app.