Quick question, anyone else got a 2018 MacBook Pro and are you having any issues with voiceover hanging or crackling corrupting


So just been on the phone with apple regarding my MacBook and sound issues... Voiceover hitting some sort of loop and repeating a phrase until I do a full restart, crackling on the speaker and corrupted, jagged audio... I was wondering if any of you lovely lot have experienced anything similar. Without a valid reason they won't replace the machine because it's been 35 days since purchase. It's also a intimitant issue which is the worst of all issues as impossible to recreate on demand, or when I'm in an apple store.

So, this post is information gathering. If there is any experiences I'd love to hear them.



2018 MBP Glitch

I don't personally have it as I have a 2017 MBP, but I know that there is a sound glitch with the 2018 MBP that was talked about on last week's episode of MacBreak Weekly #624. The crackling speakers seems to be an issue when the CPU spikes while taxing the CPU and listening to audio at the same time.

Not really sure if there is a fix for it yet but this is a glitch that is affecting many owners of the 2018 MBP. HTH!

That's fantastic

That's really good to hear that I'm not the only one with the issue, a great relief. I"m headed into the apple store tomorrow so I'll see what they say. Kinda more of an issue for us voiceover users if the sound goes wobbly... But presumably it's a build thing and swapping out the computer will make no difference.

It Could Be Fixed With Software

Hi, like I said, I don't know all the facts on this but I do know its a glitch that even sighted users are having. Like I said, in MacBreak Weekly #624, Leo does show an example of the crackling noise and does explain the likely cause. My best understanding is because when you are doing things on the computer that use up the CPU, and you're listening to audio, that is when you hear the crackling. So this could very well be solved down the road with a OS update. It doesn't hurt to bring it to your nearest Apple Store and show it to them. They'll be in a better place to tell you what might exactly be going on.

try an update

Hi. I am after a new mac so i will follow this topic. Today apple have released a small software update to os 10.13.6 for MacBook pro 2018 so don't know if it will help But give it a try :)
Best regards Kasper


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The supplemental software update released today is to fix this specific issue. It also will fix issues related to kernel panics on the 2018 MBP.

Thanks so much team!

I must say, you've pulled it out the bag here. We all know how frustrating it can be trying to explain a problem to someone who isn't having the same issue... This is what Apple Vis is all about, knowing that, even though we're a smaller demographic, we're not alone.

Thanks again.


i'm having that problem

I had to return mine and got a replacement. This one hasn't a lot of crackling, just a little. However, apple needs to get this bug fixed

Try the update

Fingers cross, since installing the fix last night I've had no issues.. Saying that, I've not had the system under load, but you'd have thought a quad core would be able to cope with a couple of audio tracks.

Anyway, give it a go, please post your experiences.

when was

When was this fix releaced? I updated my mac i think two weaks ago. Haven't checked since then. Was this fix releaced a couple of days ago?


i'll give it a shot. I hope it fixes problem for good


Thankfully the audio seems to be fixed... Sadly, still experiencing crashes, had two within the last 24 hours. Unfortunately getting to an apple store isn't so easy, also, after reading about it, I don't know if replacing the hardware would actually help. It seems it might be use specific, certain settings etc.

Theoretically, the update should solve several of the issues, but I think they'll probably release another one to narrow it down even further... At least, I hope so. A computer that shuts itself down is not good at all... Reminds me of windows machines.