some questions about netflix app on iPhone

Hello! I'm a new netflix user and i have some questions about how to use it. First, where can i find a category with movies to find the category foр audio described movies in English? I tried to find categories iн the search tab how it was demonstrated in one podcast but i cannot find it. Second, is it possible to switch to previous season when someone has watched it already? How can i do it? Thank you!


Hope This Helps

If you are watching a series, and you want to go to a different season, try swiping until you find Episode List. There wil be something that tells you what season you are on. Select that, and choose the season you want. If you don’t see Episode List, try double tapping on the screen, and some options will show up.
When you are looking to watch a movie or tv show, both options will be at the top of the screen on the Home tab. Select either option. You will now have a new option at the top of the screen. Tap on All Genres, and Audio Description should be at the top of the list.

After opening the details of

After opening the details of the title, go swiping till you hear the season number. The season number is a button. Activate it and you should be presented with the available seasons to choose from.

You can also

Hi, you can also check if the movie/TV show you’re watching has audio description. To do that, click on the movie/show that you want to watch, click The play button, you should now be in the movie screen with options such as episode list, pause, rewind and fast-forward, the slider bar with the time, etc. Now look for, audio and subtitles. After you find it, click on it and scroll down and if it’s available it will say something like English, audio description. After you select that, it should start describing the movie/show.
Hope this helps