Strange Issue With Podcasts

I updated my iPad to IOS 9 when it came out, and naturally started to play around with all the apps I usually use, to see what's changed and if they're still as good to use.
I was playing with the Podcasts app, and I found quite a strange issue. In previous versions of IOS, when a podcast needed attention, because it hasn't been viewed for a long time, therefore stopped downloading episodes, all you had to do was double tap on a podcast and tap something to make the episodes download again. However, in this new podcasts app, when the podcast needs attention, VoiceOver no longer says needs attention, instead it says something like: "!, Applevis Podcast" Putting red exclamation mark in front of the podcast name, which for a VoiceOver user isn't very clear. However, when I double tap on a podcast with this mark on it, there's nothing to say that the episodes aren't downloading because the podcast hasn't been viewed recently, and although the podcast has been viewed, the needs attention indicator does not disappear, and I noticed that episodes aren't downloading.
Can anyone help with this? Has anyone else experienced issues with Podcasts since the update?
I really don't want to switch to Downcast, considering it's paid for, when I have an app that worked fine until the update, so I'd be grateful for any suggestions of how to fix it or of something that I might be missing.


Re: Podcasts Issue

I know I haven't seen any replies to that post that I put out a few weeks ago, but this issue I've been having is getting quite annoying. It looks like a lot of my podcasts have stopped downloading automatically, most likely because I haven't viewed them recently, so I started to view them more often and hoped that they'll download as normal. Still, it seems that's not the case, the episodes still aren't downloading, and I have to do it all manually.
This is getting quite annoying, as I do rely on this app, and it would be good for it to work properly.
Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? Can anyone suggest what I can do to fix it?

Have you tried Overcast?

Hi, as an an alternative, have you tried using Overcast? its very straight forward to use and is of course, accessible with Voiceover.

Also, quite recently V2.0 has been released and its free.

Just search for Overcast on the app store and you should find it.

Unfortunatly, I don't know about the default Apple podcast. Took a look at it when I updated to IOS 9 and pretty quickly I switched back to Overcast. The default podcast app just looked to confusing to me. Don't just go ruling out Downcast though. Ok granted, its a bit on the pricey side, but when I brought it a few years ago, it was well worth the purchase...

Put simply, Downcast and Overcast are both good podcast clients. Downcast has more in the realms of customisation and Overcast I suppose is more for simplicity.

I hope this is of some help to you in finding the podcast client of choice that you want to use.