Voice Over and Caller I'd

Hi All, This is my first time posting.Hopefully it goes through alright.
I am using an iPhone 6 plus with Voice Over and I notice that it only announces and incoming call one time. I do not seem to be hearing it. I called Apple and they said that they are un aware of a way to allow it to announce the caller ID more than one time.
I am used to my previous phone where I could set it up so that the caller ID was repeated multiple times.
Has anyone else encountered this issue or made a complaint to Apple accessibility?
Thank you.


reading caller id

If you tap one of the volume buttons to silence the ring and explore the screen, it displays the caller id on screen.
I hope this helps.

this is normal

The IPhone only announcing a caller once is normal and I too am unaware of any option that will do what you are trying to do unless like mentioned above swipe the screen. I would suggest sending feedback to apple as a possible feature in future releases.


What feature you are requesting is going to kill the joy of my ringtone that I took trouble in creating.

I would do as patrick suggested. It's not the volume buttons you hit, it's the power button. This silences your ringer and you can use your finger to explore the screen to read out the caller name.

I am looking for a solution not to have the caller name read out loud, privacy issues. I should be able to know by touch exploration when needed.