Voiceover and "Sleep mode", is this possible?

Hi all.
I want to replicate the "Sleep mode" found in jaws for windows, with Voiceover. Does anyone know if this is possible?
IE, when Voiceover gains focus on a specific application, it's like turning VoiceOver off with the Command f5 shortcut.
No speech output, and no Voiceover keyboard commands works, that's what I want.
Of course, I can just turn it off manually, but in this case, it would be easyer if it could be done automaticly.

I hope I've made my self clear, otherwise, just ask.



voiceover and sleep

As far as I know the only to turn voiceover off when in a self voicing application is use command f 5.

Creat an activity

Good day. I've not tried this but conceivably this could work. Create an activity for the application you want to have voiceover stop speech for. The challenge will be once you turn off speech you'll have to have a sighted person complete the task because this would involve unchecking checking the mute speech box in the vo utility. Now, the question would be would the 3 fingered double tap on the track pad surve the same function and be saved in the activity? Things to try for sure.

creating a activity

Yes if you do a three finger double tap it will serve as the same function for muting and unmuting speech.