Want to tell the AppleVis community about another resource? Read this first

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Over the past few months we've seen a steady increase in the number of people who are using the AppleVis Forum as nothing more than a means to promote their own website, mailing list, podcast and the like.Naturally, we are more than happy to help raise awareness of other resources that would be of value to our community, but the appropriate areas of the site to do this are most likely to be our Links and Mailing Lists pages.The AppleVis Forum is most definitely not the place for self-promotion or advertising, especially if these are the only times that you engage with our community. Accordingly, any posts of this nature will be removed from the site unless they have been approved beforehand.So, if you would like to let our community know about a relevant resource that you believe would be of interest, please contact us. We will then consider adding this to the appropriate area of the site.Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.


I agree. good move on your

I agree. good move on your part. and this will clean things up a bit. In fact i move that all advertising posts before this point be removed.

Hi Mary, If you notice any

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Mary, If you notice any advertising posts in particular, let us know. You can ue the contact us form and that will go to the site admin, or you can contact any of the editorial team members on the page from their profiles. Michael