iOS Wi-Fi Connectivity Troubleshooting Notes

Last modified
Sunday, February 26, 2017

These quick troubleshooting notes are intended to help with situations where an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch has lost Internet connectivity for no apparent reason. This loss of Internet access can be especially disconcerting with Wi-Fi-only models of the iPad or the iPod Touch, where no alternative means of access like 3G or Edge are available. Please feel free to contact me with any feedback.

See If You're Connected

  1. Touch the very top of the screen. That area is called the status bar.
  2. Once you hear a status bar item, flick to the left or right until you hear something like "3 of 3 bars." That's your Wi-Fi signal strength.
  3. If you don't hear the number of bars, then you're not connected and you'll hear something like "Wi-Fi not connected."
  4. Once you're done with the status bar, you can touch anywhere else on the screen to move away from it and back to the Home screen or the app you were running, depending on what you were doing before you touched the status bar.

Get Reconnected

If you are disconnected, here's how to fix that:

  1. Press Home to move to the Home screen.
  2. If you're on page 2, just press Home one more time to get back to the first page.
  3. Flick to the right until you find Settings.
  4. Double tap Settings.
  5. Flick to the right until you find Wi-Fi and double tap.
  6. Double tap the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  7. That should be all you need to do. In the highly unlikely situation where the password has been forgotten, you'll be prompted to retype it.
  8. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen.
  9. Find and run TweetList or another Internet app to test the connection.


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