Where can I find the information needed when submitting an app to the App Directory?

AppleVis Editor Note: our thanks to Peter Mahach for submitting this Help topic.

First of all, I do not own a mac yet, so I can't give you information on how to accomplish this with Voiceover on there. I do, however, hope that someone will add the info about that in a comment, as it may be useful.

Second, I did not test with system access, therefore I am uncertain if it will work with that.

I will now quickly go over how you can easily obtain the app store description for any app with in iTunes on windows, as well as get its iTunes store link.

Please note that while NVDA does provide overall accessibility in iTunes, it will not let you enter the html area to copy the description, so you can just use the iTunes store website as an alternative. This does work under jaws and window-eyes however.

  1. While you are in the sources tree, hit the letter I to go to the iTunes store. after a few seconds you will hear a woosh sound indicating that the page has loaded. By default, it will show you the top apps for iOS.
  2. Hit f6 once and you will be in the search store edit field. Type in an app name and then press en ter. Note that this is also how you search for other content such as music, movies, tv shows, ITunes U and podcasts, but we will focus only on apps.
  3. After you press enter, wait for another woosh sound. Then press f6. If all went well, browse mode/virtual cursor should activate. if not, then activate it. The layout of the page has a button next to each app to obtain it, as welll as a link above for the app itself and the publisher. There is also a combo box with a few further options, though jaws will not see it in the virtual cursor for some reason, but you can, in fact, focus it. More on that later.
  4. Activate the link of the app you wwish to review. Another page will load and you will once again see the button and combo box, and below, the description and other info, such as minimum iOS required, compatibility, and so on. Below the description you will see links for the support and the website, which you can both provide in an directory entry. To get them, simply activate the links and then copy the address from your web browser.To copy the description just use standard selection commands.
  5. For the app store link, if you are using window eyes, it's simple. Find the combo box on the page, press enter, arrow down to copy link, press enter again and the link will be in your clipboard. For jaws, seeing it doesn't see the combo box, focus the button you use to get the app, turn off the virtual cursor with insert+z, then tab once. you Will land in the box and hear some very unusual position info, you can just ignore it. Just as with window-eyes, arrow down to copy link and hit enter and you'll be good.

Appologies if this looked rather sloppy.

This is my first contribution to the Help section, and also English isn't my native language. Never the less I hope you found this useful.