It's Almost Here

Hello from the Team at AppleVis.

As you are probably already aware, Apple has now confirmed that it will be staging a media event on 12 September. It's title - "It's Almost Here" - and the shadow of a number 5 on the invitation would appear to leave little doubt that Apple is set to announce the launch of the next generation of the iPhone.

If rumors are true, the new iPhone will begin shipping on 21 September, with iOS 6 likely to be released to the public some time between these two dates.

To mark these events, AppleVis has a few plans of its own.

Once iOS 6 has been released, we will be posting a number of podcasts in which we'll be exploring some of the new features and changes. We also have several blog posts and guides in the pipeline.

If that weren't enough, our regular Q&A session on Zello is conveniently scheduled for 13 September, and will be devoted to the new iPhone (and iOS 6 if it is released before then). This session will begin at 9.00PM EST on the 'AppleVis' channel.

We are also planning to host a live conference call devoted to iOS 6, where the AppleVis community can share their experiences and opinions of the new version of iOS. More information on this event will be posted to the AppleVis website nearer the time.

This all means that AppleVis is likely to be particularly busy over the next few weeks, so we would encourage you to check the site regularly for all the latest news, information and resources.

The AppleVis Editorial Team

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