Community Accessibility Ratings For Instacart

This page provides information on how members of the AppleVis community have rated the accessibility of this app.

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Name Date Accessibility Rating Accessibility Comments
18 November, 2019 Fully Accessible It's been about a year since I used the app, but I was very happy with it. It was totally accessible and I could prepare and submit my grocery order with a local store entirely independently. Awesome. The only reason I haven't used it more recently is I haven't had an urgent need lately for grocery delivery.
9 August, 2018 Mostly Accessible
14 June, 2017 Mostly Accessible While accessibility has improved, blind people continue to be excluded from important tasks such as rating their order experience, providing feedback and communicating with the company in general. I couldn't recommend this app until those concerns are appropriately addressed. Remember, accessibility is about full participation, not just accepting the crumbs people are sometimes willing to give us.
7 June, 2017 Fully Accessible This app is fully accessible--I don't get the rating on the app page as I use it at least once a week with no issues. Buttons are fully labeled, delivery times are selectable (just make sure you choose a day before you choose a time), and everything is read by voiceover as expected.
7 June, 2017 Fully Accessible This app's rating needs to be updated. When it first came out, it was a fitting rating. However, the devs have gone through a good deal of effort (okay, maybe it wasn't all that much effort) to make it accessible and have done so.
5 June, 2017 Fully Accessible Accessibility is much improved, I find voiceover reads everything now, buttons, tabs, and so on.