Community Accessibility Ratings For Timecrest: The Door

This page provides information on how members of the AppleVis community have rated the accessibility of this app.

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Name Date Accessibility Rating Accessibility Comments
21 July, 2019 Fully Accessible
21 July, 2019 Fully Accessible
14 May, 2019 Fully Accessible
11 January, 2019 Fully Accessible The app developers have bent over backwards to make this easy to use.
29 December, 2018 Fully Accessible Just downloaded this app a couple days ago, upon my brother's recommendation. All buttons are clearly labeled, and the music player seems to be very accessible as well. Game notifications are working well when my iPhone is locked.
25 November, 2017 Fully Accessible
23 November, 2017 Fully Accessible
30 May, 2017 Fully Accessible
27 May, 2017 Fully Accessible
14 May, 2017 Fully Accessible This is my new favorite game aside from Celtic Tribes and LordsKnights