Community Accessibility Ratings For Blindfold Doggy

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25 November, 2018 Fully Accessible although the app is good, I think it needs some work. Think about how real people trained real dogs, and try incorporating that into the app. Plus, if you are turning these dogs for service, of course was seeing eye dogs, try putting it in the app as well. It might help real people, such as myself, who want a seeing eye dog in the future. This virtual training might help us with our real dogs when we get them. I think it would be a help, not a hindrance, the play this game before you get your seeing-eye dog. Plus, if the game is more realistic, it might help kids whenever they get real pets.
24 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
16 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
15 October, 2018 Fully Accessible
14 October, 2018 Fully Accessible