Community Accessibility Ratings For BitLife

This page provides information on how members of the AppleVis community have rated the accessibility of this app.

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Name Date Accessibility Rating Accessibility Comments
16 February, 2020 Mostly Accessible Some of the tests aren’t accessible for voiceover users. Mor are the prison escapes, burglaries, etc.
15 February, 2020 Mostly Accessible
1 December, 2019 Mostly Accessible
3 October, 2019 Mostly Accessible
17 August, 2019 Mostly Accessible
25 July, 2019 Mostly Accessible
19 July, 2019 Fully Accessible
30 December, 2018 Partially Accessible
12 December, 2018 Partially Accessible Many of the buttons are not properly labelled, but with a bit of work, you can easily figure it out.
12 December, 2018 Mostly Accessible This app is fun if you have the patience.
8 December, 2018 Mostly Accessible It is mostly doable. Most critical thing is the event choices are not labeled.