Community Accessibility Ratings For Microsoft To-Do

This page provides information on how members of the AppleVis community have rated the accessibility of this app.

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10 February, 2019 Fully Accessible Microsoft To-Do is 100% accessible using iOS device with VoiceOver. Hints, rotor actions, and controls interface nicely and efficiently with the screen reader, and Microsoft has even taken steps to ensure that all information presented visually could be presented verbally as well. A user can get their things done in a serious manner, regardless of whether they are sighted or visually impaired, using this app.
2 January, 2019 Fully Accessible I just got this app today so haven't played around with it that much. Once the app was installed on my iPhone, I switched over to my Mac to sign up and configure it. I probably could've done everything on my iPhone, but I was once again in a bit of a rush. However, the app interface on the iPhone is very nice and everything is clearly labeled.
14 December, 2018 Fully Accessible