Community Accessibility Ratings For Duolingo

This page provides information on how members of the AppleVis community have rated the accessibility of this app.

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Name Date Accessibility Rating Accessibility Comments
15 November, 2019 Fully Accessible very well done. All buttons are properly labled and the lessons are accessible. I recommend everyone give this a try for language learning
29 August, 2018 Partially Accessible Mostly accessible with voiceover but my problem is is that when I needed to go to the next level it told me to select fruits or objects and that’s one part that’s not accessible and there are buttons that are not labeled for voiceover users. Also I had trouble replying to people’s messages and comments.
25 August, 2018 Mostly Accessible In the latest version, you can know if you have learned a skill when you reach level 1. The next skill will be unlocked after this point
24 July, 2018 Mostly Accessible Most page elements are well labeled, and most of those that aren’t can be figured out by tapping around. However, the thing which has proved baffling to me lately is the apparent lack of a Comment or Submit button in the chatting feature in Clubs when trying to write a comment on a post.
21 December, 2017 Fully Accessible
4 November, 2017 Partially Accessible accessibility varies with each update; many core functions rely on visual cues alone; developer not responsive to feedback; accessibility issues on both desktop and mobile sites