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22 October, 2019 Fully Accessible
20 October, 2019 Fully Accessible The app is very accessible and easy to use. In fact it's so easy a beginer can identify money within minutes of owning an iphone.
6 October, 2019 Fully Accessible app has some buttons with strange label, "ic back chevron"
4 October, 2019 Mostly Accessible 90% accessible again with only a few things that are still unlabelled. A great job by the developers to resurrect this app from the completely inaccessible state it was in a few months ago.
3 October, 2019 Mostly Accessible
29 September, 2019 Fully Accessible
14 September, 2019 Fully Accessible I'm a new user, so Please Help about the all
14 September, 2019 Fully Accessible In order to drive the bike using the arrow keys, you have to turn off quick nav. To do this, press the left and right arrow keys at the same time. This toggles quick nav on, or off. Turn it back on to see your stats when you’re done the game.
7 September, 2019 Fully Accessible Verry accessible and addicting love the app.
3 September, 2019 Fully Accessible
1 September, 2019 Fully Accessible love it and eddictive
1 September, 2019 Fully Accessible
1 September, 2019 Fully Accessible
31 August, 2019 Fully Accessible I just wanted to update this, version 7.0 was just released with a new interface and design, I updated it and it appears very accessible now, the episodes now fully read out instead of what it was doing, I don't see any issues with the new design what so ever, if anyone sees anything that might interfear with accessibility please feel free to post, I did not see anything that stands out. Very nice update, I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or an accident, but thanks cbs!
25 August, 2019 Fully Accessible I love this app!
22 August, 2019 Fully Accessible
20 August, 2019 Partially Accessible With my iPhone 8 with iOs 12 it is imposible to know the comunitary cards.
19 August, 2019 Fully Accessible Every button is labelled correctly for me. I am using iOS 12.4 on an iPad Air 2.
17 August, 2019 Fully Accessible
17 August, 2019 Mostly Accessible
16 August, 2019 Fully Accessible This game has revolutionnice the games for the blind people.
9 August, 2019 Fully Accessible
9 August, 2019 Mostly Accessible As of the latest update some of the options for your home screen just say button they are not labeled.
9 August, 2019 Fully Accessible
7 August, 2019 Fully Accessible