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20 September, 2018 Fully Accessible
20 September, 2018 Fully Accessible
12 September, 2018 Mostly Accessible
7 September, 2018 Mostly Accessible
1 September, 2018 Fully Accessible
29 August, 2018 Partially Accessible Mostly accessible with voiceover but my problem is is that when I needed to go to the next level it told me to select fruits or objects and that’s one part that’s not accessible and there are buttons that are not labeled for voiceover users. Also I had trouble replying to people’s messages and comments.
25 August, 2018 Fully Accessible
25 August, 2018 Mostly Accessible In the latest version, you can know if you have learned a skill when you reach level 1. The next skill will be unlocked after this point
17 August, 2018 Fully Accessible Excellent accessibility.
16 August, 2018 Fully Accessible Have found everything works and is labelled.
13 August, 2018 Partially Accessible Not all info is read on the balance screen, The screen where you select the payment method is very hard to use and there is a button (done?) at the bottom which is completely inaccessible with voiceover. Braille screen input also doesn't work when sending a message. I think there is also info missing from the transactions screen, as voiceover doesn't say anything about where the payment came from e.g. credit card or paypal balance. I got a very unhelpful message back from Paypal when I reported these problems: Dear Robert Murray, The PayPal app doesn’t have an option to allow any voice over or braille options. This is because we are not able to get it to be compatible with the different software out there for braille and voice over control.  You can use these options on the full website, but just not with the app itself. (...) Best wishes, Cara Please if you use Paypal let them know about the problems their blind customers are having with the app.
9 August, 2018 Mostly Accessible
7 August, 2018 Fully Accessible
4 August, 2018 Mostly Accessible Really easy to navigate the app. the navigation buttons are at the top of the screen. To browse through listings of books I simply switch the rotor to links and then flick through. I rated mostly accessible because I am not sure its fully accessible yet. I would like someone to confirm my rating or better it. Signing in was easy too. Took me less than ten minutes to figure the app out. It doesn't seem to speak automatically. But it read most if not all that was on the screen to me. And selecting and navigating seems fine.
2 August, 2018 Fully Accessible I have no issues with this app. Peapod have been great about fixing the ones I point out as soon as possible.
1 August, 2018 Mostly Accessible The only issues I’ve had with the app are that there seems to be no way to manually set the EQ curve with VoiceOver, and the quick start guide also doesn’t read well with VoiceOver either.
28 July, 2018 Fully Accessible
24 July, 2018 Mostly Accessible Most page elements are well labeled, and most of those that aren’t can be figured out by tapping around. However, the thing which has proved baffling to me lately is the apparent lack of a Comment or Submit button in the chatting feature in Clubs when trying to write a comment on a post.
24 July, 2018 Fully Accessible
19 July, 2018 Fully Accessible The game is fully accessible with voiceover. Anyone who is looking for a really good game to play this is the one. Follow this link to download and join the fun.
19 July, 2018 Fully Accessible Maybe this app was previously inaccessible, but I used it in the past, and it works just fine.
17 July, 2018 Fully Accessible Persistence will pay off, it takes some getting used to, read the user guide persist, and then enjoy.
15 July, 2018 Fully Accessible Such an awesome app.
4 July, 2018 Fully Accessible
4 July, 2018 Fully Accessible This new game is even more accessible than King of Dragon Pass. There are descriptions of the pictures which I find really awesome...