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18 April, 2019 Fully Accessible
11 April, 2019 Fully Accessible Although this app is accessible with VoiceOver, I'e noticed that VoiceOver can sometimes lag and focus can jump.
11 April, 2019 Mostly Accessible That this developer doesn't seem inclined to resolve accessibility issues makes me want to look at other options. I prefer not to encourage the lack of making apps fully accessible by not patronizing those apps and developers that show a distinct lack of consideration by not addressing their accessibility problems.
8 April, 2019 Fully Accessible
8 April, 2019 Fully Accessible
4 April, 2019 Mostly Accessible There are numerous buttons on the home screen that are dimmed out for Voiceover users. Also, when you select an item, through search or otherwise, there is a section that says something like "other people bought" with a list of things after it. None of those are accessible. Also, every item has some heart button. What is it? While I would say this app is overall accessible, I do not agree at all that it is fully accessible and easy to navigate and use.
2 April, 2019 Fully Accessible
28 March, 2019 Fully Accessible
26 March, 2019 Fully Accessible
17 March, 2019 Mostly Accessible This app is mostly accessible in that all controls that I have encountered so far are properly labeled and recognizable. However, a few things to note: the avatar setup was very confusing, so I had to ask a sighted person for assistance, moving past the setup screen with display name and username settings was impossible with VO, and it is impossible to move to other tabs of the app from the to-do tab.
8 March, 2019 Fully Accessible AS this app is intended for blind users, it's very accessible with VoiceOver. Particularly noteworthy are its features to listen to previous announcements and its support for braille displays, which would be beneficial to deafblind users.
5 March, 2019 Fully Accessible The app is very much accessible to VO, however there some unlabeled buttons which can be easily delt with
24 February, 2019 Fully Accessible
21 February, 2019 Fully Accessible
18 February, 2019 Fully Accessible
16 February, 2019 Inaccessible Using the current version of iOS, version 12.something, this app is completely inaccessible. The only thing I could do was browse the welcome screen. Beyond that nothing worked, the "Get Started" button on the welcome screen didn't work or respond, so the welcome screen could not be dismissed, so the app could not be used.
12 February, 2019 Fully Accessible The app looks interesting, ,especially like the black/white mode, beeping to let you know its on, and the vibrations for the currency. Cash reader can read banknotes in pretty much any circumstance. You can play with it showing folded bills or under different lighting conditions to prove its eficiency. Also Cash Reader is much faster than any other money reader out there. Another great advantage of Cash Reader is that the app can read banknotes in pretty much any circumstance. You can play with it showing folded bills or under different lighting conditions to prove its eficiency.
10 February, 2019 Fully Accessible Microsoft To-Do is 100% accessible using iOS device with VoiceOver. Hints, rotor actions, and controls interface nicely and efficiently with the screen reader, and Microsoft has even taken steps to ensure that all information presented visually could be presented verbally as well. A user can get their things done in a serious manner, regardless of whether they are sighted or visually impaired, using this app.
10 February, 2019 Fully Accessible
9 February, 2019 Mostly Accessible I am running version 2.1.14 Build 1164 of this app. Accessibility has very much improved, although there are minor accessibility issues. I have submitted feedback to AT&T regarding use with Voiceover on the iPhone.
9 February, 2019 Fully Accessible this is verry simuler to looktel recogniser.
8 February, 2019 Fully Accessible Very accessible. This developer has taken the time to get involved with the audio game community and make serious improvements. You can now navigate even easier using headings, and he is working on improvements that will make it even easier to find the information you need.
7 February, 2019 Fully Accessible I just obtained this app earlier today. No problems setting it up and configuring it. I tested it in my own apartment a couple of times, and it worked great. Haven't tried it out anywhere else yet but very simple layout.
5 February, 2019 Partially Accessible I have found this app far more difficult to navigate with its most recent updates. I am able to activate music channels and nature sounds independently of one another but am having difficulty activating and removing nature sounds once music is playing. In addition, just recently I attempted to log in to my account using Safari and was unable to do so. The onscreen keyboard did not appear.I do believe they have made some improvements, but more appear to be needed.
28 January, 2019 Fully Accessible The app is totally accessible and is very intuitive.